Trendy summer nails – nautical and beach inspired nail art ideas

by Kremy

gorgeous maritime nail art blue white stripes

Summer nails come in a huge variety of styles, colors and original designs. We have selected some of the most beautiful nautical nail art inspired by the beautiful summer, beach and maritime symbols. Beach nail design is a special part of the fashionable arsenal of any girl.

maritime nail ideas for long nails


Summer is a very special time of the year, full of sunshine, an atmosphere of adventure and relaxation. When summer season comes, you want to enjoy not only warm weather, but also waves of the sea, golden sands and spectacular sunsets. Most often, hot days are spent on the beach. It does not matter whether you go on vacation to a resort or just spend a day by the nearest lake or river, you will really want to look charming and attractive even in the water. Nautical nail art and beach inspired nail designs will make it possible to emphasizing the individuality and beauty of every girl and woman. Your nails are always visible and a choice of a fashionable design will demonstrate that you understand and follow the latest trends. For modern women of fashion a beach manicure harmoniously complements their swimsuit and beach hat and fills the days with beautiful summer colors.


Nautical style summer nails – choosing the colors


summer nails blue white stripes

The main color combinations for nautical style summer nails are red, white and blue colors. The blue represents the clear sky, the gentle waves while the white color is for the fluffy clouds and the foam of the waves. These colors can be used as main color and as additional color for decorations. The sea color changes depending on weather conditions and time of day. Therefore you have the option to choose from many other shades of blue and blue-green – turquoise, indigo, emerald, etc. However, you can use any other shades instead of these, for example, pastel tones, metallic silver, gold, etc. Adding a bright red color as an accent will bring a touch of joy, mood and visual interest. The color of the sun and sunset will also add interest and warmth to your nail design. You can choose a carefree vacation style or an elegant and sophisticated style for your nautical or beach inspired summer nails. Create your own unique nail art filled with freshness, dream of a light sea breeze and thrilling summer adventures. Sea motifs can be implemented in different ways and summer beach theme has always offered an unlimited source of inspiration.


Nautical style summer nails designs and motifs

summer nails ideas pink blue anchor

Nautical style summer nails designs include many different motifs: sea waves, anchors, sea life, abstract patterns, etc. and are suitable for natural or artificial nails of any length. You can buy ready-made stickers with marine nail art.

Beach style manicure should be selected in accordance with the shape and length of nails, skin color, bathing suit, and beach accessories to harmonize with your overall appearance. Virtually any manicurist or nail technician can offer his clients a choice of several beach inspired nail design options. The latest trends in beach manicure combine a variety of original artistic techniques which allows you to create magnificent summer still lifes on your nails. There are no specific standards and as in any other design, it all depends on your personal taste, mood, creativity and imagination. Marine themes are a simple nail art, suitable not only for young girls, but also for older women. Your imagination can be as limitless as the sea.

Helpful tips:

nautical and beach inspired stiletto nails

For long nails you can choose a design that features more than 2-3 colors. To protect your nautical nails and make sure they will remain as beautiful as possible for a longer time, cover them several times with a fixer.

palm trees beach inspired summer nails

To make short nails appear longer choose a marine design in vertical direction.

Here are some ideas for your nautical summer nails:

“Sailor” nail art is based on simplicity – striped sailor’s shirt, anchors, ring buoys, sea waves, a compass and a steering wheel. The main colors can be all the shades of blue, red and white. You can decorate with rhinestones and beads, adding elegance and luxury.

“Waves of the ocean” nail art theme resembles the motion of the water. You can use any shade from dark blue to gentle blue, turquoise, pastel greens. Take advantage of unlimited imagination and enjoy the result.

Sea life theme features the inhabitants of water – fish, seashells, seaweed are also a part of the marine theme. A dolphin, a shark or a goldfish will certainly not remain unnoticed.

Coastal motifs feature the beauty of the shore – golden sand, bright sun, tender sunset, tall palms, moonlit path, etc. and for all of these rich colors can be used.


Trendy summer nails nautical and beach inspired ideas

summer ombre nails nautical theme ideas

summer nails maritime ideas

original maritime nail designs for short nails

summer nail art ideas for short nails nautical and beach inspired designs

summer nail design ideas for short nails blue white polka dots stripes

purple sunset beach inspired nail designs palm trees

nautical and beach inspired nail designs summer acrylic nails


maritime nail designs blue anchor waves

DIY maritime nails blue base color

beautiful maritime gradient nails ideas glitter rhinestones ombre effect



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