Are Polka Dots in Style 2023? Trendy Ideas for Summer Outfits and Lots of Inspiration!

by Anjelina

Just like everything else related to fashion, prints in clothing undergo changes too – a pattern comes into fashion, then another one and so on. However, there is one timeless and beloved classic – the polka dots which suit ladies in any situation – at work, out for a romantic dinner, meeting friends or just a walk in the city. In today’s article, we’ll answer the question “Are polka dots in style 2023”. Continue reading to find out!

Are polka dots in style 2023?

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Polka dots are definitely not about to leave the fashion trends and are ever so popular in 2023. Ladies are definitely not ready to say goodbye to these cute, flirty and romantic patterns and continue to choose them for their outfits. Polka dot clothes are versatile and it’s worth having a few in your wardrobe because they seem to be a timeless classic that would be suitable for any occasion.

Polka Dot Outfits: Trendy Ideas and Lots of Inspiration

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Apart from clothing, polka dot prints seem to have taken over absolutely all areas of the fashion industry – jewelry, accessories, and even trendy nail designs. Now we’re going to take a look at some great suggestions for polka dot outfits that will hopefully inspire you to give this feminine and cute print a chance. In fact, we can’t name an appropriate age a woman should be to opt for such an outfit, as the print would look equally good on young girls and older ladies. Isn’t that great?

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Short Summer Polka Dot Dress

short polka dot dresses wrap top ruffled skirt off the shoulder ideas

Summer is coming, and this is a great reason to stock up on some short polka dot dresses that are both comfortable and cute, so you’ll definitely feel amazing wearing them. A good option is a dress that creates an appealing silhouette as it is with a ruffled skirt and wrap top. But it’s also worth considering off the shoulders one, which will give you a very flattering look.

Midi and Maxi Dresses

midi and maxi polka dot dresses summer 2023

Midi and Maxi dresses are also not to be underestimated. At the moment, they are even more popular and preferred than short ones. The cute print will complete your charming look, and the best part is that you can pair a midi or maxi polka dot dress with almost any kind of shoes you can think of – high heels, platform sandals, and why not your favorite comfy sneakers? You definitely have a choice!

Polka Dot Skirts

polka dot skirts outfit ideas for every occasion

There is no way we won’t pay special attention to polka dot skirts, which are a favorite garment of most women. If you choose large polka dots, they will visually create more volume, while small ones will make you look more fit. The good thing is that once again you have a huge choice of patterns and colors that you can pair with cool tops, t-shirts or even blouses with puff sleeves for a really feminine look.


polka dot blouse and short skirt (1)

There are many options for polka dot blouses, which you can combine with anything you can think of depending on the occasion. For a more casual look you can pair them with jeans or even some cute shorts, while for a more formal event you can opt for a fitted skirt, for example. Don’t forget to add matching accessories.

Pants and leggings

polka dot yellow pants high heels handbag

You can achieve a bold and unusual look with polka dot leggings or pants. They would definitely make you stand out from the crowd, and would also bring a lot of good moods to your everyday life. However, if you go for them, it’s better to opt for monochrome blouses, so you don’t overdo the prints.

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