Maternity Outfit Ideas 2023: Comfy, Stylish and Inspiring Suggestions for Mums-to-be!

by Anjelina

Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful and memorable periods in a woman’s life. Of course, not everything is easy considering the many changes we go through, pregnancy mood swings, and so on. But it’s all worth it when we know that a little person is on their way, and they will fill our whole world with meaning. It is very important for a pregnant woman to feel good and avoid stressful situations. Walks in nature, in the city, meetings with friends and relatives are highly recommended because of the proven positive effect on the overall mental and physical state of the woman. Along with this, we need to make changes in our wardrobe to feel comfortable and beautiful! That’s why in today’s article we have prepared some great maternity outfit ideas that are both fancy and comfy! Get inspired and find ideas that suit your style!

Stylish and comfy maternity outfit ideas

trendy and chic outfit idea for pregnant women

We have already mentioned how important it is for a mother-to-be to look good and feel beautiful. With the outfit ideas we have prepared for you, we hope to encourage you to take more time for yourself and try something new. Clothes, especially at this special time, should be comfortable, not tight, made of nice fabrics and last but not least – don’t wear what you think doesn’t fit you well just because someone recommended it, or it’s trendy at the moment. Go for what makes you feel good and look good. Now let’s move on to our outfit ideas now!

Neutral sweater and skirt

neutral sweater and skirt maternity outfit ideas


This outfit idea is suitable for early spring or autumn, when the weather is warm, but it’s still cool outside in the evenings and mornings. Pair a stretchy skirt with a light sweater, both in neutral colors. Tuck the sweater very slightly into the skirt to accentuate your bump. Don’t forget about comfortable shoes, which are essential during this period – white sneakers won’t let you down, so wear them as much as you want. Complete the look with a small bag to put just the essentials in.

Long bodycon dress and shirt in similar colors

long bodycon dress and shirt in grayish green color

It’s always a good idea to choose clothes whose colors harmonize perfectly with each other. А long bodycon dress will accentuate your tummy in a very cute way. Be careful though, the fabric should be elastic. Pair the dress with a long-sleeved shirt in the same or a similar color if the weather is not too hot yet where you are, so that you are warm and comfortable enough.

High-waisted pleated skirt and crop top

high waist pleated skirt and crop top yellow colors maternity outfit ideas

Our next suggestion is suitable for the hot summer days. Choose a medium length pleated skirt so that you feel comfy in hot weather. Warm colors like yellow, orange or red will bring you a very positive mood, so keep them in mind. Pair the skirt with a floral crop top with thin straps, and don’t forget your comfortable white sneakers. You can add some accessories, especially sunglasses that will protect you from harmful UV rays. We’re just making one more note, as it’s very important – always slather on the sunscreen when going out and spending extended periods of time. Just make sure it’s suitable for pregnant women (the ones for babies usually work just well for mums-to-be).

White lace tunic shirt and loose jeans

white lace tunic and loose jeans maternity outfit idea

A universal combination that works perfectly for spring days and for some chilly moments in summer is the tunic shirt and loose jeans duo. The flowing top in breathable material is naturally combined with denim pants to ensure a look that is both comfortable and chic. If you want to play the modern card, a white tunic with decorative lace trim on the sleeves, for example, would be an excellent choice. Want to go even further with the trendy look? A round basket handbag and a pair of sunglasses are the perfect complement of this outfit!

Maxi skirt and tied blouse

stylish and comfy maternity outfit ideas maxi skirt and tied blouse

Another fantastic option for the spring-summer season is the maxi skirt and tie front blouse combo. Opt for a high-waisted flowing skirt style that shows off your mommy-to-be belly. To bring a fashionable and cooler note in the outfit, nothing more simple than to match the bottom with a knotted top, as for example a tie front blouse. As far as colors are concerned, you are spoiled for choice. Normally, almost any combo will work well, given that the outfit is composed of only 2 pieces. So, even if you select the two garments of totally different colors, the result will be harmonious because you respect the fashion rule of not mixing more than 3 colors in an outfit.

Summer maternity outfit ideas – Photo Gallery

maxi striped dress in white and blue and orange t shirt

Maternity photo shoot idea

maternity photo shoot outfit ideas boho session

Comfy long shirt dress

shirt dress feeling comfy during pregnancy

Striped dress and long knitted summer cardigan

striped dress and long knitted summer cardigan

Long black dress with slits

long black dress with slits

Cute summer outfit idea in pale pink

pale pink dress handband and sandals maternity fashion

Maxi yellow dress

maxi yellow dress for pregnant women

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