Black Hair With White Highlights: The Guide On How to Look Trendy in 2023!

by Gabby

Do you know that if you are naturally born with a white stroke of hair, it means in some cultures that you are born with luck? Others believe that it could be a curse. I have read that in some countries, people consider this not only lucky, but also that you were born under a falling star, which sounds amazing. Now, I am not superstition… What I believe in are the trends that we follow every season. And what is the trend that we are going to discuss today you may ask? I didn’t tell you these stories for no reason. We are talking about black hair with white highlights, which is super popular right now. Should you try it and how to style it in 2023? Let’s find out!

money piece highlights face framing white black hairstyle ideas

Can you put white highlights in black hair?

Not only that you can put white highlights in black hair, but you should. Why? It is super trendy, different and aesthetically pleasing. If you don’t want to take the plunge and add a lot of highlights into your black hair, try doing money-piece highlights, which are face-framing and will give your hair the “va va voom” that it needs! For the bolder ladies out there, don’t be afraid to experiment and add the highlights all over the hair. This will create the perfect contrast, which will lead to the optical illusion that your hair has a lot of volume and movement, without applying heat.

Black hair with white highlights: Hairstyle ideas

white highlights in black hair ideas hairstyle trends 2023


When you hear black hair with white highlights, it is hard to NOT imagine Cruella De Vil. However, we should leave miss Cruella’s haircut on the side and really think about the combination between black and white. Beautiful hair coloring makes hair more attractive. The combination of contrasting colors looks bright and unusual. Owners of black hair can make such an experiment with their appearance at any time. You should keep in mind that the proper care after dyeing will preserve the health and beauty of the hair. Now let’s check out some of the best hairstyle ideas!

Black hair with white highlights: Bob haircut

black hair with white highlights bob haircut ideas

Believe me, any girl with a dark hair can look amazing with white highlights, if they are done correctly. Before you do anything, my advice is to consult your hair stylist, if you should get them or not. For the ladies with a bob haircut, the highlights will be a great option to create the illusion of more volume. If you choose an inverted bob haircut, make sure that the highlights are thin and not large. It looks better.

Black hair with white highlights: Long wavy hairstyle

long wavy black hairstyle with white highlights ideas 2023

These stunning contrasting highlights will literally draw the attention of everyone to your hair. That is why it is good to style it super nicely and know what looks good on your. If you have long hair, you can try to make it wavy. This is not only super chic, but it will make your hair look seamless and effortlessly beautiful! For the girlies with dark skin tone, that highlights color will make your skin glow!

Salma Hayek: Black hair with white highlights hairstyle

salma hayek white highlights in black hair ideas 2023

I know that many of us believe that Salma Hayek is a woman that can pull off anything. And I mean… it is true! She looks stunning with this hairstyle. If you believe that you have to be brave to wear white highlights, it is actually not that hard. It looks good on anyone and any skin tone. If your hair is naturally dark, it will be easy to maintain the base color, since you won’t have to dye your hair. You will just have to maintain the highlights regularly at the hair salon. I don’t recommend doing them at home!

White highlights for women over 50

white highlights for women over 50 hairstyle trends 2023

We get super scared when we see the signs of again and we run to the hair salon to “fix” the white hair that we see. But why not try to turn it into an advantage? Gray and white hair was once a taboo, but now you can see it in a lot of hairstyle trends. We are programmed to panic once we see the first white hair, but I say embrace it. How to turn the signs of aging into something good? Well, try this beautiful white highlights that will change your hairstyle completely! If you need more inspiration, check out how to style gray hair in 2023!

Other ideas for black hair with white highlights

how to style black hair in 2023 white highlights

Style your hair by creating scandi waves to make your highlights stand out

scandi waves black hair with white highlights

How to style long hair in 2023?

face framing white highlights for dark hair

White highlights for dark hair

dark long hair with highlights wavy hairstyle trends

White highlights trends 2023

long black hair white highkights easy hairstyle tips

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