Gray highlights on black hair: Gorgeous trendy looks to get inspiration from!

by Anjelina

Is it time to make a change with your appearance? Starting a new job or just fed up with your black hair color? Whatever your reason is for you to want to try something new, we totally understand because we approve of changes! Especially when they’re worth it! Black hair color can be very striking and probably suits you, but sometimes it’s good to see yourself in a new light too! That’s why we suggest you try gray highlights on black hair. It’s been an absolute trend for the past few years, and it looks like it will continue to be so! And now we’ll show you in detail why it’s worth giving it a go!

Gray highlights on black hair – inspiring looks and ideas

gray highlights on black hair medium length curly u-shape layered

As already mentioned, gray hair color is very trendy at the moment and often many women, both young and older, decide to achieve it in one way or another, with different techniques. Some decide to make all their hair gray, others stick to just highlights. The ideas and options for adding gray tones into hair are really many! Just because you have raven black hair doesn’t mean there’s no way to achieve these trendy shades! In fact, the most popular and hair-friendly option remains gray highlights. It’s important to know that they probably won’t come out right away, and you’ll probably need to visit the salon at least a few times! But the results are really worth the whole process! Here are some inspiring ideas for looks with gray highlights on black hair!

Full gray highlights on black hair

full gray highlights for black hair trendy hairstyle ideas for her to try in 2023 long curled black and gray hair


One of the most classic options for adding gray accents to black hair are full highlights. They are added to the entire hair. As you may have already guessed, there are also partial highlights where the highlights are just on the front and top of the head, but we’ll get to those in just a few moments in the article. Full highlighting with gray color will give your whole look a new boost! You’ll get a great modern color combination of black and gray that won’t leave anyone indifferent! The change will be easily noticeable, for which we are sure you will receive many compliments for the good decision you have made!

Partial gray highlights

partial gray highlights at the front sections of hair and back to the crown black underneath

As you have already learned, there is also a partial addition of highlights – most often in the front of the hair that frames the face and back to the temple. The lower part of the hair stays with its main black color. This is a technique that is favored by people with thinner hair, as it adds texture and depth. Damage to the hair is also minimized, as most of the hair remains very much intact. Partial highlights are also a more budget-friendly option than full ones, and are just as beautiful. They certainly make the look appealing and attractive, and it’s no wonder they are so preferred by women of all ages! It’s really worth considering whether they’re the right solution for you!

Money piece highlights

money piece highlights gray and black straight hair medium length

Another way you can get gray hues in your hair are money piece highlights. These are generally done on dark hair to stand out even more, so your black hair color is perfectly suitable. But what exactly are money piece highlights? They are lighter strands around the face, which makes them a type of face-framing highlights. The gray range is perfect for money piece highlights. Apart from looking very modern, the contrast between gray and black is so visible that it creates a stunning look! Thanks to the lighter shades, the facial features manage to stand out even more, which makes many young girls want to try this particular look!

Gray peekaboo highlights

peekaboo gray highlights on long black wavy hair trendy hair color 2022

The next look worth paying attention to is the widely spread peekaboo highlights. These are done on the inside of the hair (as if slightly hidden from view). They only show up occasionally when we run our fingers through our hair or have it tied up in a ponytail, so that the lower layers of hair are also seen. The gray peekaboo highlights are extremely suitable for all women who have the desire to change their look, but would prefer it not to be drastic. In fact, this kind of highlighting is hardly noticeable at first glance. Another plus is that even if the hair grows a lot, there will be no need to rush to lighten the gray peekaboo highlights to the roots. Even if you don’t do it, it just won’t be noticeable! However, you will need to visit the salon for a tint from time to time. Overall, this is an excellent solution for all the ladies who want to add just a slight gray shade to their beautiful raven black hair!

Gray highlights on black hair – Photo Gallery

modern look black roots ombre technique long wavy hair

Full gray highlights on long black hair

full gray highlights evenly distributed trendy hairstyle for her long wavy black hair

Layered wavy bob with gray highlights

layered wavy bob trendy hairstyle idea for 2022 black main color

Gorgeous gray highlights 

gorgeous idea for silver highlights on long black wavy hair modern look

Black and gray ombre technique

black and grey ombre long curled hair different techniques

Peekaboo gray highlights on black hair

peekaboo highlights black long wavy hair grey accents trendy modern look

Black and gray ombre highlights

long black straight hair ombre technique modern look

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