Gray highlights on black hair 2022: 13 stylish and trendy gray highlights hairstyles

by Kristiyana

Lately, I have been thinking about doing something new with my look. Maybe getting a haircut, or trying a different colour dye. It’s just, I’ve always been with my natural dark hair colour, because I’ve had fears of what would look good on or with it. I don’t know if I would go for the complete dye, but adding some different and unique hues to my streaks wouldn’t hurt, right? I have been looking at a lot of ideas on what’s currently trending as a hairstyle with a bit of colour, and I think I got my answer! Why don’t we look at the top 13 most stylish and trendy gray highlights on black hair hairstyles!

1. Violet gray highlights on black hair

Black Hair with Violet Grey_ violet gray highlights

To start off strong, I have to say that I am complete head over heels for these gray highlights on black hair! Silver highlights are so fashionable, and when you add a few subtle hues of lovely violet, it makes the look even more eye-catching and chic! To get this hairstyle, be sure to start the highlights a few inches/cm from your roots.

2. Dark Hair with silver money piece highlights

Silver Money Piece Highlights on Black Hair_ gray money piece highlights


Silver money piece highlights are a hair colouring technique that is used by applying a lighter colour around your face in order to highlight its features. The highlights also create contrast to the rest of the hair, especially when it’s dark. So if you are looking for a super trendy look with a bit of edge, go with this one, which will also greatly frame your face!

3. Silver gray balayage ombre

silver gray balayage ombre_balayage highlights

This gray highlights on black hair look, takes a different approach to the traditional ombre hairstyle. Whereas with the ombre the hair is evenly lightened, a balayage blends different tones in the hair, while also leaving natural coloured streaks to break up the lightened areas of the hair. This outstanding silver gray balayage ombre will definitely make heads spinning when you walk by!

4. Cool-toned highlights for black hair

Black Hair with Cool Toned Highlights_gray dimension hair

If you want to get gray highlights, but opt for something a little more subtle, then this is for you! Get cool-toned highlights for your black hair to add dimension to your hairstyle. These soft gray highlights will look even better if you have really long hair.

5. Short dark hair with root fade highlights

straight medium hair with root fade_ root fade highlights

No one said that gray highlights are only for long hair! If you have a shorter hairstyle, you can get these stylish silver root fade highlights. Your hair will go from black or brown to gray, and by the tips it will be white. Suitable for short straight or curly hair, these gray highlights will add elegance and chic to your appearance. Adding hues of soft purple will make the hairstyle even more stunning!

6. Gray peekaboo hair highlights

silver peekaboo-hair_gray peekaboo highlights

Peekaboo hair highlights is a colouring technique where the under layers of your hair are dyed. Whenever you flip your hair, the dyed streaks will be visible, but otherwise it’s like they are hidden. Pretty cute right? So if you want to keep your dark hair, but add a bit of twist to it, go with this gray highlights look!

7. Black hair with ash blonde highlights

Black Hair with Ash Blonde Highlights_ash gray highlights

What if you could get a look that incorporates both silver and blonde highlights? Yes, such a thing exists! Try out the ash blonde highlights for your dark hair and get this gorgeous and fashionable look!

8. Gray ombre for dark hair

gray-ombre-for-dark-hair_gray ombre hair

And we have arrived at the traditional and fabulous silver ombre hairstyle! It’s like this hairdo never goes out of fashion. The gray ombre creates such a magnificent contrast to your dark hair, and gives you a look that won’t be soon forgotten.

9. Gray highlights for short dark hair

black bob with gray highlights_gray highlights for short hair

Another great silver hairstyle for women with shorter hair! Opt for getting these breathtaking gray highlights for your dark hair, and get a look that is both trendy and low-maintenance at the same time. What’s not to love?

10. Subtle salt and pepper highlights

subtle Silver Highlights on Greying Black_subtle highlights

If your hair has started going gray, then adding a few subtle gray highlights can do wonders for your hairstyle! Instead of worrying about how to cover your gray hairs, opt for a fabulous salt and pepper hairstyle and give your silver streaks the attention they deserve!

11. Gray balayage for dark thick hair

grey-balayage-for-thick-black-hair_balayage ideas

If you have very thick hair, but still want to go for the gray balayage, be sure that the lightening process will take some time. As you can see, the results are remarkable, so it will undoubtedly be worth it. To get a true gray tone, you can use a colour with a purple or blue base.

12. Black pixie cut with gray highlight

short hairstyles_short dark hair with gray highlights

What about trying a stunning black pixie cut with gray highlights? This look basically has what any woman would look for in a hairstyle: chic, style, low-maintenance, elegance and sophistication. Plus, sporting a pixie cut is a fabulous choice for any woman over 50!

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13. Silver purple highlights on black hair

Silver Purple Highlights_gray purple highlights

If you are going to lighten your dark hair to get silver highlights, why not add a splash of other colours as well? To achieve a unique and unforgettable look, go with the silver purple highlights for your dark hair and be sure that you will be satisfied with the ends results! Isn’t amazing?

I hope the top 13 picks on gray highlights on black hair gave you plenty of ideas to discuss with your hair colourist the next time you swing by the salon! Remember, always first consult with a professional before trying out anything new with your hairstyle to get the best look. Enjoy girls!

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