White cabinets with concrete countertops: The new trend for 2023 that will make your kitchen design look modern!

by Gabby

Are you looking for new ways to renovate your kitchen in 2023? White cabinets with concrete countertops are one of the best trends to adapt in 2022/2023. Concrete is certainly a contemporary material that will give your kitchen a modern look. Many interior designers now started to implementing this to their newest projects. Let’s find out why should you choose white cabinets with concrete countertops for your next kitchen design!

White cabinets with concrete countertops 2023 trend

white kitchen cabinets with concrete countertops 2023 trends modern industrial

Do you want to be in sync with the latest interior design trends? White kitchen cabinets are currently on top of every category. As though some people may find it too simple, it is actually very modern and futuristic. Think of these cabinets as a white canvas. You can decorate them with whatever you like. If you love the holidays, you can make your ideal atmosphere without worrying that it is going to be tacky. Also, the white color is associated with cleanliness and peacefulness. This shade will give you the feeling that your kitchen is larger. Why should you combine the cabinets with concrete countertops? Because they are very long-lasting, heat-resistant, and easy to customize! Let’s find out some of the best designs!

Industrial style: white cabinets and concrete countertops

industrial style kitchen white cabinets and concrete countertops trend 2023 renovate interior design


If you want this industrial vibe in your kitchen, this is definitely the perfect choice. It will give you the sense of space and coziness. The concrete will fit perfectly into that aesthetic. You can combine it with many different materials such as metallic ones, leather wood, or bricks. It is certainly an edgier choice, when it comes to choosing your kitchen. However, combining it with white kitchen cabinets will make the vibe more subtle. It is somehow very simple, yet so modern and trendy. You can match the concrete countertop with shiny metals, or chrome. The lights in your kitchen should absolutely be long like shown on the picture. The industrial kitchen design is bold, so the decorations should be as well.

Biophilic design

biophilic kitchen design what is it and how to achieve it at home ideas interior

What is biophilic design you may ask? This new phenomenon in interior design stemmed from people’s desire to be in sync with nature. Concrete can sometimes lead to depressive thoughts. By adding plants you will be improving on your mental health. As you can see, greens go perfectly well with this concrete wall. You can apply the same thing when it comes to your countertop! This technique aims to create a natural environment. How to achieve the most perfect biophilic design? You can add flowers and plants on your wall, or hang them from the sealing. Another idea is to make a completely green wall with plants. You can find many inspirations for biophilic interior designs here.

How biophilic design with improve the ambiance in your kitchen? 

kitchen interior design ideas biophilic trends 2023 fresh spices improving mental health benefits

As I already mentioned, biophilic design can have a good effect on your mental state. If you choose to put real plants in your kitchen, they can contribute to your physical health. You can grow mint, basil, rosemary and various other herbs that fit perfectly into this type of design. You can use them for cooking and for your interior design. Isn’t this getting the best of both worlds? Let’s not forget to mention how cozy the atmosphere will be, with all the amazing scents coming from these plants.

How to accessorize your white cabinets and concrete countertops?

how to decorate white kitchen what accessories to use gold trends interior design

Every well-appointed kitchen needs nice accessories. What best suits your white cabinets and concrete countertop? The answer is gold! If you want to fully immerse yourself in the trends of 2023, try adding gold accessories such as a gold sink, gold kitchen accessories and cabinet handles. This will create a feeling of luxury, elegance, and a sense of style. Inspirational gold will enhance your kitchen and make it look more expensive.

The pros and cons of concrete countertops

concrete countertops pros and cons interiot design kitchen ideas 2023 trends

If you are going to invest in a concrete countertop you have to know all the pros and cons. There are many good things about having one of these countertops. It is heat-resistant and scratch-resistant. You should not worry too much about something scratching and damaging it. It is also waterproof. Overall it is very easy to maintain. The other great thing is that it is very customizable, and it comes in different styles and colors. By adding a stain or a pigment to the concrete countertop, you can achieve the perfect shade that will fit in your kitchen. Now for the cons, I should start by saying that it is certainly very pricey. As though it is very resistant than more materials, concrete can be stained very easily. If you are cooking and spill something, you must clean it immediately! These countertops can be very heavy and may require installing reinforcements.

Other ideas for white cabinets and concrete countertops

concrete countertops trend interior design 2023 classy industrial design how to adapt this in the kitchen

Modern kitchen with concrete countertop

concrete countertops for kitchen in 2023 white cabinets how to adapt this trend interior design

Concrete countertops, white cabinets and wooden stools 

white cabinets and concrete countertops wood industrial modern interior design trends 2023

How to adapt the concrete countertop trend?

how to adapt industrial style kitchen for 2023 concrete wood white cabinets

Simple white cabinets kitchen 

simple white cabinets kitchen with concrete industrial vibes style interior design

Clean modern kitchen with concrete countertops 

clean kitchen style simple interior design concrete countertops trends 2023 how to renovate

Another great design of concrete countertop

concrete countertop design idea interior kitchen trend 2023 very simple clean

Stunning interior design idea 

stunning interior design idea for a modern kitchen trends 2023 chic classy elegant rich

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