Stained concrete countertops – ideas and basic techniques

by Kremy

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Stained concrete countertops can become the brightest ornament of the kitchen or can elegantly blend in the design. As a stylish decoration for the kitchen a concrete countertop is a focal point and a conversational piece due to its unique and original appearance.

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Stained concrete countertops can be polished, painted or include elements of the kitchen decor – from shells, glass, even stones.

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One of the most popular techniques for stained concrete countertop designs is using pigments. The process of staining the concrete with pigments is relatively easy as the coloring material is added to the concrete mixture.

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Pigments usually are inert colored materials, grinded very finely and can be powders or liquids. The color options are vast and cover almost the entire palette.

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It is the owner’s choice whether he will opt for pure colors like black, white, red, bright yellow, blue, orange, green, or will blend different shades to achieve a custom color.

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A great advantage of using pigments is the huge color range as well as their consistency which makes stained concrete countertop designs ideal for large projects.

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Staining concrete countertops with acid is another popular technique. It is a very effective way to create a unique countertop and the staining of the countertop is done after the countertop is fully cured.

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The main difference between using pigments and acid is that when you stain the concrete countertop with pigments, you know what color to expect.

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Acid staining, however, is unpredictable, as the chemical solution reacts with the concrete to form color. The colors of the different stains will not vary much while the texture and the shades will.

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Acid stains are permanent but are limited in colors and in order to achieve an original look many people use stencils for different effects.

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Another method, which is popular among DIY projects fans is using dyes for coloring the concrete countertop. Just like acids, dyes are applied to cured concrete.


An advantage of this method is that dyes can be applied to pigmented or acid stained concrete and the stained concrete countertop designs get stunning and impressive look.


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