Concrete countertops – the cost effective mix of art and practicality

by Kremy

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One of the most popular materials in the world of kitchen worktops is cement. Concrete countertops are sleek and durable and feature a unique design. Thickness, shape, texture and color – all these parameters are determined individually in each case. The surface can be sanded, polished or painted, and have inclusions (from shells to stones).

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Compared to other materials concrete countertops have a number of advantages and one of the biggest is the unique personality. Usually these countertops are custom made and they are perfect for non-standard projects – for example, if the countertop involves twists and has several levels. Some homeowners are taking the whole process into their own hands, while others rely on the experience of professional manufacturers. Practicality is another important feature – once impregnated the surface is stain resistant. Impregnation does not wear out, and thus does not require additional treatment. Cement worktops are versatile and fir in any interior. Their imperfection is more of an advantage as they are mostly made by hand and the final result is a mix of colors, shadows, textures.

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Like with most materials for kitchen worktops ,occasional spots may appear. Concrete countertops behave like granite. Granite worktops are also porous and need impregnation and good care. Most people do not realize the fact that granite comes mostly in dark colors and it is difficult to notice a spot. Food, acid or oil will not leave stains on your counter when in contact with the surface if you wipe them immediately. Scratches – despite the fact that the sealer is strong enough, it is still possible to scratch the worktop. In order to avoid that – use cutting boards. Long-term production time – the production of a single project may take about 4 to 6 weeks.

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