Salt and Pepper Hair Color Ideas 2022: 11 Fabulous Hairstyles For Ages From 20 to 60!

by Kristiyana

Are you beginning to get tired of looking for new gray hairs in the morning? Or are you just in the mood for trying out something new and diverse with your hair color? Well then, the hit hair trend of this year is just for you! With trying out the salt and pepper hair trend, you just can’t go wrong! For women of all ages, this hairdo is a must-have if you are into experimenting with your looks and are counting on fashionable results! Let’s dive in into the world of the salt and pepper hair color ideas 2022!

Salt and pepper hair color ideas 2022: Why so trendy?

salt and pepper hair trend_grey hair trend

The salt and pepper hair trend is a salute to all those beautiful women who are not afraid of their grey hairs any more and don’t mind displaying them with style! Popularized by celebrity hair colorist Jack Martin, the salt and pepper hairdo consist of a mix of gray, silver, and black hair. Naturally, it is when grey hairs start to grow out. Women in the past might have been afraid of their silver fox showing, but not us 21st century gals! Am I right? Now women in the age of 20 run to their colorists begging them to give them the trendiest new salt and pepper look! Let’s check out some salt and pepper hair color ideas of 2022, and see how these looks are fit for women of all ages! Here we go!

Salt and pepper hair color ideas for women over 20

salt and pepper ombre hair_salt and pepper for women over 20


We girls very well know that grey hairs are not about how old you are, but that they can appear at any age. Blame it on stress, genes or hormones, a lot of us women got our first grey hairs when we were still in our teen years. I know I did! This doesn’t need to scare us, but empower us! The silver hairs give us a sense of maturity, and they are something completely natural. Why not use this to our advantage and shape them into a silver and black ombre? Doesn’t it look breathtaking?!

salt and pepper hair ideas_salt and pepper long hairstyles

Long straight silver hair with bangs, complemented by dark lowlights, never looked more stunning! Get this hairstyle and all eyes will certainly be on you!

Salt and pepper hair for women over 30

salt and pepper hair for women over 30_ salt and pepper hairstyle

Anyone who is personally acquainted with me, knows that I have been obsessing over Ciara ever since I first saw her Like A Boy music video! She is out of this world! Her sense of great style goes amazing with her low-cut platinum silver and black hair! Work it girl!

trendy 2022 hairstyles_hairstye trends 2022

Another fashion icon takes an elegant take on the 2022 hair trend. British model Jourdan Dunn mixes gray strands with black roots to create this very stylish straight and short hairdo.

Salt and pepper hair color ideas for women over 40

salt and pepper color pixie cut_salt and pepper for women over 40

When you are in your 40s and have grown tired of dying your hair, the easiest way to go all natural is with the low cut. Get rid of your dyed locks for good and go for the big change! Stylish, elegant and low-maintenance, the salt and pepper trendy pixie cut combines the two most popular hair trends of 2022 into one to achieve this fabulous look!

grey hairstyles_grey and black hairstyles

Easy-going and chic, the salt and pepper short and curly hairstyle will give you a fresh and sunny new look! Grow out your natural grey hairs and add further silver shades if needed. Leave in those dark lowlights and achieve this fashionable look!

Salt and pepper hair for women over 50

salt and pepper medium hair_salt and pepper for women over 50

How said you can’t look stunning in your 50s? You certainly can with this salt and pepper hairdo! So chic and easygoing! I bet most of you can’t wait to get this look as soon as possible! Leave your natural silver hairs be and add additional tones to achieve this short flowy hair look! You can add some more volume to make it even more puffy!

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grey hairstyles_grey and black hairstyles

If you are going for something classic, this one is for you! A combination of warm tones and cool dark shades makes this salt and pepper bangs look very sophisticated and stylish. 50s are the new 20s, am I right?!

Salt and pepper hair color ideas for women over 60

salt and pepper curly hairstyle_salt and pepper for women over 60

All salt and pepper hairstyle fans must know about one of the biggest inspirations of this trend—the icon Andie MacDowell herself! The actress has been rocking her long silver and black curly locks and says that this is the ultimate power move! 60 never looked better! Let’s join her!

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salt and pepper short shag_salt and pepper short hairstyles

Very low-maintenance and classy, with this look you will rock your 60s! A short shag with salt and pepper colors gives you a fresh and stylish new look!

I hope you all got some lovely new ideas on how to achieve the trendiest hairstyle of the year! Remember, don’t be afraid of your grey hairs, but wear them proud and with style! And if you gals are looking for even more inspirations on new and trendy hairstyles, you can go and check out some butterfly haircut 2022 looks! Enjoy!