Butterfly Haircut 2022: What is this Viral Trend and How Can We Achieve It?

by Kristiyana

As women, we’ve all had those moments when we’ve felt like just taking a pair of scissors and cutting out half of our hard-to-maintain long hair. I mean, girls with short hair just make it seem so easy, don’t they? Their hair seems so flowy, and easygoing, whereas If I don’t use the correct conditioner for one week the volume of my hair goes to zero. However, I fell like I am just not ready to take that life-changing decision of cutting my hair, so maybe I can just fake it and try out the butterfly haircut trend of 2022!

Butterfly Haircut 2022: What is a butterfly haircut?

matilda djerf haircut_what is the new butterfly haircut

TikTokers have been going crazy about this trendy 70s hairstyle! The butterfly haircut trend of 2022 is coined by celebrity hairstylist Sunnie Brook. It is a hairstyle consisted of many flowy layers, and its longer ones fall just below the shoulder. The shorter layers of the hair are cut around the top of the head, making it so like you have short hair. Brook herself explains that the hair below the shoulders is cut in a way that the top layer can easily be separated with a pin from the bottom one to look like you have a shorter hairstyle. Perfect, am I right? This hairdo is already being rocked by celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Hailey Steinfeld, HBO’s Euphoria’s Sydney Sweeney and the Barbie queen Margot Robbie.

Butterfly Haircut 2022: Who should get it?

long hair butterfly hairstyle_brunette butterfly hair


This glamorous hairstyle is ideal for those of us who to preserve the length of our hair, but also want to try out a short hair trend like the bob haircut. After you get the butterfly hairdo, just separate the top layer from the bottom one, and you will give the illusion of shorter hair! This hairstyle is also perfect if you seek something that is low-maintenance, and it makes your hair look healthy and puffy! Hairstylists have said that this look works best if you have curly, wavy or naturally dense hair, but anyone can really try it! However, if your hair is curly or wavy better to have the cut on dry hair, as curly and wavy hair tends to look shorter when it is wet. For those of you with finer hair, keep in mind that if you have the butterfly cut, it may look stringy.

Butterfly Haircut 2022: How to style it?

blonde butterfly haircut_blonde hairstyles

When the butterfly cut is done properly, it takes little to no products to style. However, if you want to enhance that 70s look, you can use a blow-dryer and round brush to give it more volume. Don’t be afraid of the brush! I am saying this as a person who has been using a wooden comb with wide prongs for most of my life! My hairdresser advised me of this when I was like 10 years old because my hair was too curly and brushing it just made it look worse! But this hairdo looks best when it’s flowy, that’s the idea, so if you are going to use a blow-dryer to style it you will need a brush! Also, use mousse to add shine and bounciness to your hair. For curlier hair, it can be best to use a curl-enhancing product. Before styling, add a heat-protection product.

The celebrity butterfly hairstyle

jennifer lopez butterly hairstyle_ jennifer lopez hair

Let’s not forget to look at some butterfly hairstyles by the butterfly haircut icons themselves! Doesn’t JLo just look stunning with her highlighted brunette hair? But I mean the girl is 53, and she looks better that I ever have, lol!

hailey steinfeld hair_hailey steinfeld butterfly haircut

I have been obsessed with Hailey Steinfeld ever since I first watched her in The Edge of Seventeen! She is just so chic and foxy at the same time. The butterfly cut goes so well with her long wavy brunette hair! Almost makes me wish I can get my natural colour back, so I can try to pull this off!

sydney sweeney butterfly hairstyle_euphoria hairstyles

Another celebrity I have been obsessing over since HBO’s Euphoria first aired is definitely Sydney Sweeney. Her style is amazing both in the show and in real life, and her look on the butterfly haircut says flashy 70s like no other! Long blonde wavy hair with bangs. Goals!

margot robbie butterfly haircut_70s hairstyles

We can’t forget our Barbie queen, of course! I just can’t wait for when her film comes out ! Another breathtaking take on the butterfly hair trend with highlighted locks makes you want to run to the nearest hairdresser ASAP! Love it!

After looking at all of these irresistible butterfly hairstyles, hopefully you know what’s good for you, and you go out and give your hair a quick trim! I mean, not all trendy hairstyles look as fab as they say they are, but I certainly cannot say this about the butterfly one! If I didn’t have medium length hair I would absolutely try it out, but I first I think I am going to wait to grow out my hair. Or maybe I don’t really have to? Why should I wait? I bet I can pull this off with my medium hair as well!

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