3 Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair to Look Beautiful in All Circumstances

by Kremy

How to style medium length hair when you want to go to work, go to the gym or go to a party? Shoulder length hair is said to be the easiest to style. If you want to be proud of a really great hairstyle for every occasion, you must not only give your hair the necessary care, but also have an idea. So get inspired with these 3 hairstyles for medium length hair!

3 Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

Healthy hair is the basis for success. Therefore, in order to conjure up any hairstyle on your head, you need to supply your mane with the necessary substances for its healthy growth. Choose the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair, apply masks and oils to the tips.

French Twist – Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

Half updo with French twist hairstyles for medium length hair


The French twist is a great hairstyle for work. Of course, it depends on the type of work you do, but a casual look is very modern. A messy French twist looks gorgeous and is suitable for work and party. How to do a French Twist?

French Twist Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

Sweep all your hair into one side and secure it using a bobby pin at the back of your hair.

Grab the hair from the bottom and twist upwards in the opposite direction. Tuck the remaining hair into the twisted space.

Use bobby pins to secure the hair you twisted. For a messy twist, just pull a few strands on the slopes.

Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

half up half down hairstyles for medium long hair

There are no limits to your imagination and thanks to the length of your hair, you have endless possibilities to style it. Half-up half down hairstyle is very sexy and casual at the same time If you use a styling product for creating waves, it will last you all evening. An option that looks great is a half-up braid or half up bun. Half-up half down is a great prom hairstyle as well!

Achieving this hairstyle is very easy. All you have to do is pull the strands of hair over your ears with your hands, connect them in the middle of your head. You can fasten them with one elegant, distinctive clip, rubber band and add an ornament, etc. This hairstyle looks great on wavy and curly hair.

Workout Hairstyle – Top Knot and High Bun Ideas

Workout Hairstyle Top Knot and High Bun Ideas


Workout hairstyles for medium length hair include a simple a wide range of options – from a simple ponytail to all sorts of braids and headbands. These f hairstyles are practical so that you can move comfortable. Top knots and buns are the perfect hairstyle for medium length hair. They look cool and easily endure the hardest gym exercises.



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