Creative Ideas and Tips on How to Arrange Bookshelves in Style

by Kremy

Bookshelves have not only a functional role, but can also decorate a living room, kitchen or bedroom. They can be an elegant interior decoration but you should know how to arrange bookshelves in style.

Tips on How to Arrange Bookshelves in Style

Arranging shelves in a stylish way can be a rather difficult creative task. It is important to take into account the recommendations for creating a harmonious and comfortable interior.

original open shelves design ideas


One of the main advantages of shelves is that they do not overload the overall décor and do not attract the eye, unless you want them to be a focal point. However, if not arranged properly, even a small shelf that stands out will irritate the eyes and will look out of place.

How to Arrange Bookshelves in the Living Room?

How to Arrange Bookshelves in the Living Room

The living room is the place where family members spend time together, where you entertain friends so you need to plan its interior really carefully. Shelves in the interior of the living room are an important design element along with furniture, lighting and decor. Modern design is dominated by minimalism – instead of bulky furniture sets, preference is given to shelves. They allow you to place all the necessary items without cluttering up the space. Most often they are installed above or behind the sofa, above the TV, on the sides of the fireplace or a large window. However, you need to decide what function they will perform, for example, do you need a bookshelf or several wall shelves to display photos or collections.

modern shelves room divider ideas open plan space zoning

Bookshelves are often used as room dividers. Depending on the preferences of the owner and the features of the room they can be from floor to ceiling or at a certain level from the floor, if you want to keep the feeling of flowing space. It is important to choose a material that fits into the interior in terms of color and size in order to give the room a more creative look.

How to Arrange Bookshelves in the Bedroom?

How to Arrange Bookshelves in the Bedroom


The bedroom is the most comfortable, peaceful place to relax and sleep. Wall shelves are especially popular in this room, they are indispensable in the interior, and you can find numerous interesting ideas on Pinterest. They are used for storage of books, candles, lamps, photo frames, figurines, etc.

Usually, bookshelves in the bedroom are mounted above the head of the bed for comfortable use or on the wall adjacent to the bed. To create a holistic design of the room, the shape and color scheme of the wall shelves is chosen in accordance with the style of the bedside tables, dressing table, wardrobe, etc.

Modern Bookshelves in Kids Rooms Ideas

Modern Bookshelves in Kids Rooms Ideas

The child spends most of the day in his room, so it is very important to decorate the nursery with beautiful, high-quality and functional furniture. Bookshelves are an important element and their design, construction and size will depend on the age of the child. They can be used to place books, toys, board games and many other useful things. For older children, shelves are required for storing school and writing supplies, books and other things. Also, for greater convenience, wall or corner shelves are mounted near or above the desk.




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