Floating shelves – fabulous and functional wall decoration ideas

by Kremy

bedroom interior ideas white floating shelves green desk kids bedroom furniture

Floating shelves can be a great place to store things and minimize the focus on any wall. They are not something new in terms of design, but they never cease to impress with their versatility and functionality. In addition they combine simplicity and functionality. Wall mounted supports are a good alternative for storing and displaying a variety of things. Such approach does not take up valuable floor space, and perfectly fits with any existing decor.

Floating shelves – the functional storage unit

contemporary shelves design ideas floor to ceiling floating wall shelves


The airy light appearance of floating shelves makes them versatile for any room. They can be used virtually anywhere in the home – in the hall, living room, bedroom, kids’ room, kitchen or bathroom. Modern designs offer a wide variety of colors and styles and every homeowner can find something to suit his taste and needs. Floating shelves provide a room with a place where you can put your things, and when mounted correctly they can look fun, sleek and some designs offer a real sophistication. If you want to have fun and unique home furnishings and accessories, one of the many styles of floating shelves can be the perfect choice for your home or office. They can be used separately, or you can group several together to create an impressive visual impact.

 Floating shelves design ideas

beautiful wall shelves contemporary interior decor

The variety of styles and designs of floating shelves is endless. Modern look and minimalist design, rustic designs with reclaimed wood, made of glass, plastic, metal, stainless steel – you name it! Many feature spectacular designs and are both a work of art and a practical unit for storage. The great advantages of floating shelves are that they are simple, elegant, easy to build and inexpensive. Despite their airy appearance such units are very strong as they are attached to the walls by adding screws to the wall that are made from durable material.

white floating shelf wall bookshelves living room furnishing design

The illusion that the supports float in the air without any visible fixing element transform a casual shelf into an eye catching furniture piece. When they are in the same color as the walls of the room you get a visual illusion that the content on the shelf floats in the air, without a contact with any surface. The shelves can be a bright color accent in the room or an elegant and discreet addition which showcases your collections, trophies or vintage china. For many people floating shelves mean less storage, but they create more living space, which is also quite important.

 Beautiful floating shelf in a modern interior

Rustic wood floating shelf modern home interior decoration ideas


Minimalist white supports in a contemporary bedroom

white minimalist interior edroom furniture

 White floating shelves with purple accents

unique white wooden purple accent bedroom furniture

Wall storage units are perfect for home offices

unique floating shelves ideas home office furniture

 Wall mounted wooden planks provide an easy access to all items

Rustic kitchen design wall wood wall tiles

 Modern kids’ room with white wall storage systems

Modern white kids room white floating shelves desk

modern white modern home decorating ideas

Modern bedroom furniture floating wall shelves dark wood

minimalist white wall decorating ideas

living room furniture white floating shelves black leather armchair

ikea design ideas contemporary home wall decorating

Home office ideas dark wood floating wall shelves

home office furniture ideas whitemodern interior

 modern minimalist design home furniture ideas

floating corner shelves contemporary kitchen design ideas

elegant grey ikea LED lighting

Dining room furniture wood lantern chandelier

modern living room leather sectional sofa stone fireplace

Contemporary hall design idea

Contemporary dining room credenza dark wood flooring

Modern bedroom furniture red minimalist design


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