Modern wine racks –an impressive decorative element in the interior

by Kremy

wall mounted wine racks wood modern dining room

 Nowadays stylish wine racks or cellar racks have got an additional function. They are no longer used only for storing or organizing wine but become a powerful decorative element in the home interior. There are numerous creative ways to have a wine rack and keep your preferred wines at hand for a pleasant evening with friends and family in front of the fireplace. We have collected some interesting ideas for practical, original and beautiful wine racks.

Modern wine racks and materials

wall mounted wine storage idea stainless steel pegs


Select a suitable wine rack for interior and they will have an elegant decoration in the room. Whether metal, plastic or wood depends on how your interior looks. If you do not have much free space but you are proud of your wine collection, you can use wall mounted racks or shelves or use the space under the stairs. Wine cubes are amongst the most popular type of racks for wine storage, as they are practical, functional and space saving. The material options for wine racks are quite many – wood, glass, metal, wrought iron, as well as modern stainless steel, plastic or glass.


Wall mounted wine racks

DIY wall mounted wine racks wood planks wine cooler

Wall mounted wine racks are wine racks that can be placed on the wall. Made of different materials and in various shapes and designs they are an eye catching element of the interior and a perfect DIY project. The biggest advantage of wall mounted wine racks is that they give the opportunity to save space and turn an empty wall into a display of your collection. Another space saving option, if you do not have a cellar, is to get wine shelves which can be installed under a table or a kitchen island. A small wine rack with an original design is a perfect gift, especially for young families or friends who have moved recently into a new home. Look at the gallery and see the various ideas.


X wine rack built in kitchen island

Historically, dark wine cellar, away from daylight and extreme temperatures is the usual place for wine storage. Modern cooling technology, temperature and humidity control allow you to store the wine in in glazed windows in the living areas for different purposes an make a display of your wine collection without damaging the quality of wine. Keeping the rule that wine bottles are stored horizontally, wine racks offer many possibilities to place them along the walls and have an easy access at any time.

wine storage wall wine display contemporary home interior


wine racks ideas space saving

DIY wooden rustic wine cellar beams

wine racks kitchen island front wine cooler

wall mounted space saving ideas wine cellar

 space saving wine storage staircase storage

wall mounted space saving wine rack design

wall mounted contemporary open kitchen

 X box wine storage cubes kitchen cabinets

 furniture built in wine storage kitchen cabinets

kitchen island space saving ideas

wine storage ideas floor to ceiling shelves contemporary home

furniture ideas kitchen sland side wine cubes

wine cooler wine storage under countertop

wall mounted modern kitchen stone wall

small kitchen space saving wine storage

small kitchen space saving furniture built in wine storage space

pullout wine idea wine coller space saving wine furniture

modern wall mounted wine storage ideas

DIY wall mounted space saving wine furniture

built in wood kitchen island rustic kitchen design





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