Kashmir White granite countertops – 25 ideas for the kitchen

by Kremy

Contemporary kitchen countertops kashmir white granite countertops

Kashmir White is one of the most desired and appreciated types of granite by homeowners. It is quarried in India and its price range is quite modest. If you wanted to have a very light shade of color, Kashmir White granite countertops will be the perfect choice. On the market this type of granite is also known as Cashmere White, Cashmire White, Bianco Kashmere and other spelling variations.

Kashmir White granite countertops for a modern, light kitchen

kashmir white granite countertops kitchen countertop ideas


Although Kashmir White granite is not a true granite, it is widely accepted as one due to its properties. It is one of the super white granite available. It strongly resembles marble but has a much less porosity. That is why it is an ideal choice for flooring, staircases, vanity tops and, of course, kitchen countertops. The high aesthetic value of Kashmir White granite countertops is mainly because of the overwhelming appearance of the slabs. The color may vary from dark white to a very pale shade of gray with brown, black or berry-colored garnets.

Kashmir White granite countertops and suitable kitchen color palette

kashmir white granite modern kitchen countertops

Kashmir White granite countertops can be blended with ease in various color combinations. The granite creates a light and airy feel to the kitchen and a great advantage is that the slab colors do not vary much in different light conditions. Kitchen cabinets in white, cream or other pale hues would be ideal if you wished to have a bright, light and modern kitchen. For a more contemporary and elegant look of the kitchen Kashmir White granite can be paired with dark cabinets and it will stand out in a fabulous way. One of the main problems which many sellers may miss to tell you is the fact Kashmir white is very prone to staining and often the slightest discoloration is very noticeable. Heavy cleaning products are an enemy to the granite, especially the ones based on bleach or other chemicals which react with the stone. It is recommended that you avoid those if you wanted to keep the pristine look of your granite countertop. The maintenance of Kashmir White granite is not different than any other granite. It requires sealing at least once a year, spills should be wiped, and you need to be careful not to place hot pans directly on the countertop.


contemporary kitchen granite countertop stainless steel appliances

Elegant light kitchen design

dream-kitchen-white kashmir countertop oyster white glass tile backsplash



Beautiful white kitchen with industrial style accents

white kitchen design granite countertop pendant lighting fixtures

 White and dark kitchen cabinets combination

white cabinets dark kitchen island kashmir white granite countertop

kashmir white granite white kitchen cabinets pendant lights

The white Kashmir granite countertop stands out when paired with dark cabinets

kashmir white granite properties pros cons


Open floor plan kitchen living room and white Kashmir granite

 open floor plan kitchen living room

White kitchen design with fresh green accents

kashmir white granite countertops kitchen remodel ideas white kitchen

Modern kitchen white kashmir granite countertop kitchen island

 white granite modern kitchen countertops ideas

 granite kitchen remodel ideas white cabinets

 granite countertops modern kitchen design ideas

 granite kitchen design ideas countertop materials

kashmir granite countertops kitchen remodel ideas

 ideas white kitchen cabinets stainless steel fridge gas cooktop

 granite countertops ideas bar stools pendant lights

 white granite countertops dark wood island cabinets pendant lighting

kashmir granite cost advantages kitchen ideas

 countertops dark stained range hood pendant lights

dream white kitchen granite countertops kitchen island

beautiful white kitchen design white granite countertops stainless steel gas stove

amazing countertops kashmir granite dark kitchen cabinets





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