Quartz countertops – the eye catcher in every kitchen

by Kremy

quartz countertops colors quartz vs granite countertops pros cons

Quartz countertops come in such a wide variety of colors that sometimes it is difficult to make a difference between quartz and granite. Unlike granite, quartz crystals are mined, ground into dust and processed into a solid slab under pressure. Color pigments can be added during the processing and the palette goes from pure white, red, green, cream, to black. Flecks, swirls, veins or any other pattern add an additional aesthetic value to the quartz counter tops.

white quartz countertop contemporary kitchen design


Do you feel ready for a bold statement in your kitchen design? Yes, it is true – anything goes with white. Pure white quartz countertops are recognizable for the distinct appearance. A sleek fleck-free surface with a silky finish can become the focal point in your kitchen. In general these countertops do not require sealing, they are resistant to stains, and will last a lifetime. This would be the perfect solution for a modern, elegant, pristine white, dream kitchen!

White is a classic color for minimalist kitchen design and a white countertop will be the perfect addition to the ultimate modern appearance of your kitchen. White works well with traditional designs that are more ornamented. Dark kitchen cabinet colors – wood finishes or even black – create a beautiful contrast and the countertop stands out as an eye catching element of the interior.

You could opt for a trendy gray color in a lighter or darker shade or a vibrant color which will be an accent in the kitchen design. An option for a classic styled kitchens is the marble look which will give you a lot of character.

quartz vs granite countertops pros cons white kitchen design ideas

Experts will give you a lot of pros and cons for both quartz countertops and granite countertops. The final choice would depend on the homeowner and his personal preferences, taste and finance. The biggest advantages of quarts countertops are the durability, low maintenance, they do not require sealing, the fact that it quartz non-porous, stain resistant and antimicrobial. In terms of aesthetic quartz counter tops are designed especially for kitchens. Quartz fits with various design styles and you may have a beautiful rustic kitchen or an ultra-modern design. Choosing one material or another depends on what you are trying to achieve in your kitchen, how do you want to feel in it and of course the budget. Whatever you choose, follow your own idea and create the kitchen that will please you for years on end.

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