Modern gray granite countertops – trendy and elegant kitchen designs

by Kremy


Kitchen countertops should certainly be aesthetic and practical, durable and comfortable. We will show you 20 gray granite countertops and elegant kitchen designs with sophisticated look. Gray granite comes in a wide variety of shades – from the softest pale gray to deep dense darker hues which are particularly suitable for contemporary interiors.

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Countertops made of natural stone are not only an elegant and functional element of the kitchen but also an excellent architectural solution and decoration. In addition they add value to any property and such an investment is really worthy. The most popular choices for modern gray granite countertops feature different shades. Since granite is a natural stone the veining and background differ from slab to slab. It is most recommendable that you see your slab personally and make sure that it fits your idea for color, veining and mineral composites. Gray pearl, Impala Black, Luna Pearl, Silver Cloud, Avalanche, Bamboo white are among the most popular gray granite hues.



Gray granite countertop designs add a professional and polished look to the kitchen. Depending on how you choose the shade you can have a clean and simple look or a dramatic contrast. The choice of color for the kitchen cabinets is also very important. Gray is a neutral color and serves as a background to almost any other color.


The gray tones blend very well with watery blue hues. Wood cabinets and stainless steel appliances complement a gray countertop.



White and light gray shades give the kitchen interior fresh and modern look.


Another classic and very successful combination is black, gray and white.


Using two shades of gray is a great way to add depth to the kitchen. Enjoy the gallery and get inspired!



kitchen remodel white cabinets-gray-granite-countertops-

kitchen-island-with-seating-gray-granite-countertops-upholstered chairs







kitchen design gray granite countertops wood cabinets

black kitchen cabinets gray granite countertops stainless steel stove

Awesome kitchen ideas with grey granite countertops dark wooden stools white cabinets


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