Tiled showers – tips and ideas for unique designs

by Kremy

shower tile ideas glass wall tiles pebble stone shower floor

Tiles remain one of the most important elements in bathroom design. Shower tiles, just like bathroom tiles, come in a variety of colors, sizes and textures and are a very popular choice as they add character and individuality in your bathroom. If you need to lay tiles or replace the old tiles, then make sure that you have considered all the possibilities. As with any project for the apartment, the first step here is to set your budget. Note that some tiled showers can be a bit expensive. However, it is possible to use some creativity and create an awesome design. We have collected 25 shower tile ideas which will give you different perspectives how to tile a shower.


How to tile a shower and create original and unique tiled showers?

unique tiled showers ideas glazed shower tiles gray subway pattern


There are a few simple rules that need to be followed when people have decided to create tiled showers. Even if your bathroom is the most functional space in your home, you still may want it to have a striking design. There are many people who prefer to eliminate the tub, using only the shower to suit their lifestyle. Select the color and design. Do you want to create a specific pattern with the shower tiles? Some people choose a repeating pattern, while others prefer contrasts. With mosaic tiles, you can create an entire work of art on the wall. Separate visually the different areas in the bathroom, by laying different types of tiles in different zones – shower, toilet, bathtub.


Tiled showers – useful tips and ideas

tiled showers ideas walk in shower wall tiles glass freestanding tub

Tiled showers ideas will give you some useful tips and guidelines for the shower tiles. It is advisable to use light colors for small showers. Light colors reflect light and open the space visually. White, pastel shades, cream, pale blue and green are classic options. Neutral colors like gray will work well too. The size of tiles is of significant importance. Latest trends are to use larger tiles with interesting textures as they become an accent. If the shower is really small, large tiles are not an option. You need to consider how to achieve a balance between the size of the shower and the tiles’ size. If you have enough space there is no limit to create various decorative patterns. For a small space – try to keep the design simple with a clean look.

walk in shower glass partition marble look shower tile

Choosing the design pattern will depend on your taste and of, course on the size of the wall. Some patterns do not look good on small walls. One of the classic patterns is the subway tile pattern and it will look good in any bathroom. With a Chevron pattern you can create a fantastic accent wall in your bathroom. Mosaic tiles in different shades of one color, or even in contrasting colors are suitable for striped wall pattern. The options are unlimited and it all comes to fantasy and good taste.

 A walk in shower with herringbone tile pattern 

tiled showers shower tile ideas herringbone tile pattern glass walls


 Dark gray and white contrasting shower tiles

dark gray large shower tiles walk in shower ideas contemporary bathroom design

Original wave shower tiles

tiled showers ideas white wave tile contemporary bathroom

 Penny tiles as a decorative accent wall in the bathroom

 penny tile shower walls green walk in shower

Original basalt shower tiles add texture to the bathroom

 bathroom ideas basalt shower tile shower walls

Use light colors in small bathrooms

 blue glass tile shower walls glass divider

 glass mosaic tile shower wall glass doors

 white subway tiles walk in shower tiles

 walk in shower mosaic tiles recessed lighting

 porcelain tile shower walls wood planks vision glass door

 marble tile shower walls contemporary bathroom designs

cream brown walk in shower glass wall wood washbasin

how to tile a shower original shower tiles brown shades

 tile ideas colors sizes walk in shower design

modern shower tile ideas contemporary bathroom design brown shades

how to tile a shower tips and ideas glass doors wall tiles

Contemporary gray porcelain tile shower walls

Contemporary bathroom ideas marble tile glass doors

black tiles walk wall asian inspired bathroom

bathroom ideas modern shower tiles freestanding tub

bathroom ideas glass shower tiles mosaic tiles peach color






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