Japanese soaking tubs – charm and simplicity in the bathroom

by Kremy

outdoor-japanese-soaking-tubs-wood Japanese garden design ideas

Japanese soaking tubs are known as “ofuro.” They are much deeper compared to the traditional western bathtub. Ofuro tubs are traditionally made of Hinoki wood which is to build Shinto temples. The main characteristics of the Japanese tubs are that they are compact and neck-high and are the perfect balance of simplicity, beauty, aromatic wood and deep hot water. The soaking tub is not considered a luxury but an essential attribute of Japanese life to relief the stress and fatigue. The ofuro tub is considered to unite the four elements – fire (heat), water, air (vapor) and earth (wood). A special Japanese saying about the soaking tub says that ofuro is the best treatment and the best medicine.

Japanese soaking tubs in contemporary bathroom interior

japanese-soaking-tubs-outdoors patio ideas


Japanese soaking tubs made of Hinoki wood are light in color and blend in smoothly in contemporary bathroom interiors or Japanese style bathrooms. Teak is a very durable material and Western Red Cedar is also used in manufacturing ofuro tubs because of its pleasant reddish brown shade. Depending on the design style of your bathroom you may opt for a rustic wooden tub, stainless steel or copper, but you can be certain that a Japanese soaking tub is the ultimate experience in a Zen bathroom. Additional design elements like pebbles, bamboo trees, shoji screens wooden decorative elements, aroma candles – and you will create the perfect spa at home.

Japanese soaking tubs for small bathrooms and outdoor use

japanese-soaking-tubs-for small bathrooms asian bathroom ideas

Japanese soaking tubs are the answer for everyone who wants to have a tub in a small bathroom as they save a significant amount of space and still offer the comfort of a long hot tub after a hectic day. Despite the compact size the soaking tub can seat one or two persons and some modern models can be equipped with a whirlpool system. Outdoor Japanese soaking tubs are gaining popularity lately as they offer the comfort and relax of a spa at any time. Soaking in hot water for therapeutic benefits has been practiced by many cultures and in colder climate is an absolute must. To create a Japanese style bathroom with an ofuro bathtub keep to subdued color palette – shades of brown, beige and sand. Small accents in green or red can be used but should be used with caution. Modern bathroom interiors need to follow the basic principles – minimalism, simple shapes and lines, neutral colors.

outdoor-japanese-ofuro-soaking-tubs-spa experience in the garden

Rooftop balcony with a soaking tub

rooftop balcony outdoor-soaking-japanese-tub and outdoor shower


 Outdoor Japanese soaking tubs can be used in warm or cold climate areas

Patio ideas outdoor cedar-japanese-soaking-tubs-stairs

 Japanese style garden 

outdoor-japanese-soaking-tub-patio ideas outdoor baths

 Minimalist bathroom in the patio

outdoor-japanese-soaking-tubs-Asian inspired bathroom minimalist

Japanese soaking tubs fit perfectly in small bathrooms


 Classic design from wood in a modern bathroom

Modern-japanese-soaking-tubs-wood walk in shower

Minimalist bathroom with a Japanese tub on a platform


 Copper soaking tub for a small bathroom – space saving ideas

japanese-soaking-tubs-for small bathrooms round copper tub

Japanese style bathroom soaking tub wood deck


japanese-soaking-tubs-wood-Asian bathroom ideas

Japanese-soaking-tub-wood-Asian bathroom design

Japanese-soaking-tub-small-bathroom-marble mosaic tile flooring

japanese-soaking-tubs-small-bathroom-round tub copper

Contemporary-soaking-tub-Japanese-style-bathroom-design ideas








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