Contemporary wall sconces in the interior design

by Kremy

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When light is not enough or you wish to add a spectacular wall decoration in your home, opt for the ambiance of beautiful contemporary wall sconces. They are perfect for places with limited floor space too. Wall sconces are practical and add a touch of sophistication and beauty to any space. In addition to that – these unique lighting fixtures are versatile and can be used in the hallway, bedroom living room or bathroom. They provide local illumination or an accent light when you need a soft, unobtrusive light and create a cozy, intimate atmosphere.

spectacular-wall-sconces-modern bathroom red mosaic tiles


Besides the practical function of providing the necessary illumination, modern wall sconces solve many problems in interior decoration by transforming a boring and uninviting room into an alive and charming place. There is a huge variety of variations in designs – traditional with upward or downward lights, half-disks, torches or candles. Wall sconces have an affordable price, simple type of fastening, and the possibility of including them in the main power switch, or separately with a switch which is located directly on the bra. Aesthetically attractive chandeliers, in combination with wall sconces are often used by designers to create a stunning overall impression in a room.


Is there anything more romantic than candlelight? Candle sconces are a timeless home accessory and immediately turn a space into a romantic retreat, and create an intimate and exciting ambiance in the decor. They can be placed by the fireplace, the mirror or on the wall as a decorative accent. With scented candles in soft colors you will create a unique effect in your home. Mounted as a single sconce or in a group of two or three, wall candle sconces will cast a soft glow, and create an atmosphere of intimacy and warmth. Below you will find different ideas for contemporary wall sconces. Enjoy!

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Contemporary-wall-sconces-wall mirrors dining room wall decorating

Contemporary-wall-sconces-ideas bedroom sconces metal


wall-sconces-ideas rustic staircase wall bookshelves

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Rustic patio design outdoor wall sconces wooden deck

Mediterranean style dining room candle-wall-sconces-around wall mirror

Living-room-lighting-fixtures candle-wall-sconces-green white interior


Contemporary-wall-sconces-outdoor modern home entry


Contemporary-wall-sconces-modern bathroom vanity lighting

Contemporary-wall-sconces-hallway accent lighting

Contemporary dining room-wall-sconces-credenza sculpture

candle-wall-sconces-contemporary bathroom mediterranean style

beautiful-wall-sconces-metal-modern bedroom tufted headboard



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