66 Ideas for outdoor lighting and lanterns in the garden

by Kremy

stairs outdoor lighting candle lanterns shells

If you are looking for inspiration for a romantic and ambient garden lighting, then you are at right place. We offer you 66 ideas for outdoor lighting with lanterns that you can use in the garden, for the patio or porch. Soft lighting will create a special atmosphere. You can sit outside and enjoy the long pleasant summer evenings. You can choose between wall fixed outdoor lights, beautifully decorated lamps or shabby chic candle holders made ​​of wood. Browse our small collection and find the best ideas for a mood lighting outside.

garden lighting ideas metal lanterns candles


Garden lamps with candles create an intimate ambience and are a versatile decoration. Of course, a marine theme is perfect for the summer. Decorate with sand, shells, gravel stones and sunflowers. Classic lanterns may be equipped with a common large candle, or with solar and LED candles. Lamps with electricity are also a good option for the patio. Particularly beautiful are some made of wood, which fit seamlessly into the garden. Combine large and small lights and play with their heights. See the ideas below and get some inspiration.

lanterns wooden deck light soft light

The warm light of candle always attracts the eyes and even nowadays people love lights as they give a feeling of calm, peace and tranquility. When you plan a dinner party outdoors or a glass of wine at the end of the day will be the perfect addition and decoration for your evening. You can choose candles with pleasant scent and even ones with a mosquito repellent effect. You have to remember, however, that the main purpose of the candles is to illuminate and add to the atmosphere of your outdoor area. Strong odors may be irritating to your guests and ruin your efforts, so choose the scent with attention.

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ideas exterior lighting lanterns sand led candles

ideas exterior lighting garland light string led

garden lighting ideas candles lantern stones decor

decoration outdoor lighting candles metal lanterns

patio deck candles lanterns seating decorative cushions

patio deck pool sitting area black white candle lanterns

garden balcony light wood white candle light lanterns

summer decoration outdoor lighting candles sand lanterns

summer decoration outdoor lighting candles lanterns leaves

summer decoration lights lanterns candles shells

summer decoration candles lanterns shells

summer decoration candle lanterns shells sea stars

summer balcony decoration candle lanterns leaves

patio buffet cocktails metal vintage candle lanterns

outdoor dining set white wood parasol hanging lanterns

garden metal pergola climbing roses wooden lanterns

balcony dining furniture metal candle lanterns

balcony dining decorative lighting hanging candles lanterns

balcony buffet drinks candles lantern light

summer table decoration ornaments metal candle holder sand

summer decoration dining set outdoor lighting candles lantern table

staircase light terrace veranda beach candles lanterns

shabby chic decoration candle lanterns metal shells

outdoor lighting ideas deck rattan furniture metal lanterns

outdoor lighting ideas candles lanterns white wood

outdoor lighting ideas candles lanterns ivy decoration

outdoor lighting ideas candles lanterns led metal

metal candle lantern summer decoration blue candles

lanterns garden lighting shells starfish decoration idea

interior exterior candle lanterns wood metal decoration

ideas veranda lighting candles hanging lamp wall lamp

ideas outdoor lighting terrace candles lanterns

ideas outdoor lighting hanging metal candle lanterns veranda

ideas outdoor lighting beach candles blurred color

ideas outdoor lighting balcony veranda metal led candles

hanging lanterns white wood outdoor lighting ideas

garden path lighting ideas wooden candle lanterns

garden lighting wood white vintage candle lanterns grass

garden ideas exterior lighting pool candle lanterns sand

candles lanterns wood metal decorative gravel stones

candle lantern decorating metal star

wall lamp exterior metal vintage spherical shape

wall lamp exterior metal vintage shape

wall lamp exterior metal trapezoid shape light bulb

vintage wall lamp external metal two light bulbs

vintage outdoor lighting led garden terrace idea

vintage hang ball light metal balcony

vintage exterior wall light copper bulb

veranda lighting metal candle creeping plants bucket

Suspension lamp vintage metal led candles

outdoor lighting ideas veranda hang led candle

outdoor lighting ideas metal candle lanterns sunflower

outdoor lighting ideas garden arbor fireplace candles

metal wall lamp outside vintage look

lighting fixtures mesh metal frame balcony

candles veranda terrace rattan furniture

ideas exterior lighting wall metal gentle light

garden lighting vintage metal candle

garden decoration metal candles big small

ceiling light round metal terrace light

ceiling light led bulbs vintage metal frame

ceiling light balcony outdoor metal frame bulb

autumn decoration decorative skull candle

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