Bathroom lights: how to choose shower and washbasin lighting?

by Kremy

When it comes to bathroom lighting, many of us ignore it and refuse to invest in it. And you know, if you’re on a tight budget, it’s understandable that you want to prioritize the living room, bedroom, and kitchen. However, don’t underestimate the bathroom. You basically spend about an hour or more there every day. Whatever the activity, this time more or less affects your eyes, your subconscious and, in particular, your mood and lost time. So, which bathroom lights to choose? We are here to help you!

What is the best type of bathroom lighting?

bathroom lighting ideas

Before choosing the right lighting, you need to know where you are going to do your makeup, if bright light is important to you, where your shower is and if it has glass doors, etc. In general, the lighting creates either a sharp and unpleasant atmosphere like in a pharmacy, or a comfortable and practical atmosphere. Let’s talk about it.

Accent lighting

You need to focus on proper lighting for your mirror and then your shower. Below we are going to discuss which is better and why. Make the bathroom experience as pleasant as possible!

Washbasin lights

What is the best type of bathroom lighting


The lighting of the mirror is the most important, because it illuminates the face the most when grooming. In fact, do you know that the most common mistake is placing recessed bathroom ceiling lights directly above the mirror? Thus, these cast shadows on the face, which makes grooming more difficult. Vertical fixtures are best for casting even light across the face. Because of this, while shaving, cleaning your face, applying make-up or removing make-up, etc., you have the most useful visibility.

Shower lighting

There, it is already simpler. In fact, the shower is a secondary zone of direct lighting. In small bathrooms, if the cubicle has a clear glass door, a dedicated fixture may not be necessary. The light that penetrates through the door is enough. Alternatively, you can get a recessed fixture with a glass lens. In the shower, we don’t need a bright light shining on our face. We want to make this daily task as intimate and pleasant as possible, so that we can relax under the hot water and relax as much as possible. In this case, if you want to install a lamp, opt for a yellow lamp or a lamp whose brightness you can control.

Ambient lighting: what bathroom light is suitable?

Bathroom lights how to choose shower and washbasin lighting

We talked about lighting that you can control, for example for the shower area. This is called ambient lighting. What exactly is ambient lighting? This type of lighting is indirect. You don’t need a spotlight in the shower, since you already have one by the mirror. If you’re old school, candles were all the rage back then, but we recommend more conventional and safer lighting. Ambient lighting creates what its name suggests – an atmosphere. When we want to relax after a hard day’s work, we want to make sure our eyes are resting. By sending a projector right in our face, our brain registers it and goes on alert.

How to light the bathroom mirror properly?

How to light the bathroom mirror

We talked about it briefly above. Where to place the lighting on the mirror above the sink? On both sides of the bathroom mirror! The main place to hang wall sconces is on both sides of the bathroom mirror, providing ideal lighting for the sink area. There are many trendy bathroom lights for a reasonable price. Consider our advice before making a purchase.

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