IKEA bathroom 2022-2023: which of these 6 exquisite designs will you choose?

by Kremy

Can’t wait to discover the IKEA 2023 catalog? Unfortunately, it no longer exists… Without it, choosing the perfect bathroom can take longer than usual. So we’ve selected 6 exquisite IKEA bathroom designs for you to choose from. The practicality, style and novelty of the IKEA collection are fascinating and the team at DeaVita are here to share them with you in all their modern and trendy glory. So what are you waiting for?

IKEA bathroom 2022-2023 catalog: new trendy collection

bathroom furniture ideas ikea

The new IKEA bathroom collection 2022-2023 is a real bomb! If you want to decorate a bathroom at a low price, it’s here! Not only is it the perfect solution for small spaces, but it offers tons of storage! The accessories are very economical and adapt to all styles of bathrooms. Moreover, there are several essential elements to have a functional and practical bathroom. And IKEA has them all! Here they are:

A good layout. This is the fundamental stage of any renovation and decoration. The layout determines the comfort. Is it big, small, adaptable to all kinds of people. Luckily for you, even if your layout isn’t great, you can try out the IKEA 3d planner and see where everything could go!

Bathroom sink. The bathroom sink is extremely important and is the one you will use the most. Think about its height, its dimensions and, of course, its material.

Floor tile. Bathroom tiling is the essence of room aesthetics.

Good lighting. If you’re getting ready in the morning, good lighting is essential. IKEA has an amazing collection of mirrors that are affordable, beautiful and very practical!

Divine blend of trend and style

catalogue bathroom ikea 2022


We start with a bang! Here is a look at the IKEA Enhet bathroom collection, which is simply stunning.

bathroom mirror ikea

The mirror, round and large, costs €89.95 and spreads nicely over the Enhet/Tvallen vanity unit (€205). Right next to it, we see the low structure with shelf from Enhet at 49 €, which gives a touch of freshness and more space for your accessories!

fall decor trends 2022

IKEA has all the necessary decorations and objects for every bathroom!

ikea Purrpingla laundry bag

Do you always use a basin to put your dirty laundry in? Why not replace it with a Purrpingla laundry bag (€19.99) which will fit perfectly into the design?

new bathroom decor trends

It is important to think about supports. You really don’t want to pile wet towels on top of each other! The perfect solution is the Lillasjon wall shelf (€9.99) with 5 hooks!

A dark paradise

trendy bathroom furniture

Again, we have plenty of storage here. Some say that color has a very big impact on our minds. In general, bright colors put us in a better mood while the darker ones do the opposite. However, dark colors are welcome in the bathroom to make it more comfortable. Of course, it is essential to have a window and good lighting. Otherwise, no one would want to use such a gloomy bathroom!

catalogue ikea 2022 bathroom design

Here is the Odensvik sink (€90) with the practical Godmorgon vanity unit (€159).

bathroom renovation ideas

Since the piece of furniture is not very large, you will probably need a little more space. How about the Raskog Utility Cart ($49.99)?

storage column ikea bathroom

Do you have space between two rooms? Look at this superb Godmorgon high cabinet (€219)!

bathroom design ideas colors furniture

As we said, hooks are essential for your towels! Why not do it with impeccable style? Meet the Kampig 3-Arm Swivel Hook ($19.99)!

IKEA bathroom – Modernity and practicality united

bathroom decoration trends 2023

If you like simplicity and avoid flashy decor, this piece is for you! The soft mix of white and gray is very pleasing to the eye and the storage space is amazing!

bathroom vanity furniture ideas ikea

Mirrored doors, spacious drawers, open shelving and hooks create the perfect blend of aesthetic and practical storage. All Enhet/Tvallen bathroom furniture costs €593!

IKEA green bathroom

Ikea bathroom design green white

A pop of green and white colors creates the most serene and stylish decor ever!

catalogue ikea 2023

It is the perfect option for a large family. The Hemnes bench (€89) can be used to sit on or put down your accessories.

bathroom tile color trends

Do you need a large and functional bathroom cabinet? Here is the Hemnes mirror (€139).

How to optimize a small space?

bathroom mirror with lighting ikea

What a bright and sparkling bathroom! Your mood will skyrocket and you’ll get a serotonin boost every time you step in! The mirror is ordinary, sure, but when you combine it with the Ledsjo LED lights (€59.99) it turns into your very own personal vanity!

catalogue ikea 2022

Take a look at the shower accessories, as they will come in handy when you need to catch the shampoo without it falling out!

bathroom trends 2022 2023 ikea

No space for coat hangers, since your bathroom is very small? Do not worry! Why not get the Brogrund door hanger (€7.99)?

Small bathroom decor trend 2022

ikea bathroom 2022 2023

Here is a refreshing IKEA 2022 bathroom with lots of open storage space to serve as decoration! It’s small, practical and extremely trendy! Get the Tavelan bamboo trays (€8.99). They are eco-friendly, durable and beautiful!

small bathroom sink ideas

On the other hand, we have the gorgeous Vesken Mini Cart ($12.99) that can fit into any nook or cranny!




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