IKEA fall 2022 new products: discover awesome decoration ideas at low prices!

by Kremy

Summer is coming to an end and we can’t wait for the ghost season to arrive! With the cold wind of autumn, the brown and fiery leaves falling from the trees and forming a beautiful flamboyant trail, come the new trends! Are you in a rush to decorate your home? But what better way to do that than by taking a look at the new IKEA fall 2022 releases? Here are our favorites for every room in your home. Its simplistic, yet classy style and practicality are a breath of fresh air and a need in every home. Come on!

New IKEA fall 2022: style and function

new ikea fall 2022

We’ve divided the most essential and best items from the 2022-2023 IKEA catalog into four categories. There are essential items for every household and we have favored the most practical ones like storage. If your house is filled with items and looks like one of Dante’s Circles of Hell, then you’ve come to the right place! Keep scrolling to discover our favorites!

Kitchen: storage and decoration

new ikea kitchen 2022


IKEA fall 2022 new arrivals: the kitchen is by far the place where we spend the most time during the day! If you’re not a cook, then you need to improve the look of your kitchen and start chopping! To make this room pleasant, we sometimes need new decorations such as posters and above all, storage space. Over the years, we accumulate so many items, that they occasionally start to overflow. So why not get a practical and pretty storage space? If you are curious to see whole sets and want to give your kitchen a complete makeover, check out our article on IKEA kitchen novelties 2023 and get inspired!

Kitchen wall poster

knoppaeng framed poster kitchen ikea

Do you have utterly boring white walls in your kitchen? How about painting them or decorating them with decorative posters like Knoppaeng? Its symbols are herbs and vegetables, which makes it perfect for this room!

IKEA trolley on wheels

raskog trolley white IKEA

It is perfect not only for the kitchen, but also for any room in your home! The Raskog trolley is also available in black! Its size is perfect for small spaces and it is very easy to move thanks to its wheels. It is stable and durable and will keep your items for a very long time.

Kitchen storage column

utrusta storage column kitchen IKEA 2022

The Utrusta storage column is very spacious and has six door baskets and six cabinet baskets!

Black pendant lampshade

brunsta pendant lampshade black

This industrial-style Brunsta lampshade is ideal for hanging above the table or in the entryway.

Living room decor trend 2022-2023

catalog ikea autumn 2022

Is your living room always messy and you can’t find space? Do you constantly stumble when stepping on a toy, book or figurine? It looks like you need to expand your storage space! Here are some wonderful choices that will not only prove useful, but also give your living room a whole new modern look.

IKEA Kallax shelf

shelf Kallax IKEA

Do you live in a studio? How to optimize a small space? By getting the wonderfully useful IKEA Kallax shelving unit, of course! You can put it anywhere and use it in so many different ways. Yes, it is so versatile!

Wooden coffee table

lisabo coffee table ash wood

This magnificent coffee table from the Lisabo collection is sturdy and very pretty. It invites warmth and comfort into your living room and goes with almost any type of decoration.

Living room side table

burvik side table black new ikea fall 2022

The Burvik side table is small, light and very easy to move! You can grab it easily thanks to the large handle and move it from room to room whenever you want. Why not serve breakfast and coffee in bed there? A great way to start the morning!

IKEA furniture display cabinet

hemnes display cabinet

Hate having a lot of stuff out because when it comes time to dust it off it takes forever? Forget this problem with the Hemnes three-drawer display cabinet, which comes in four different colors! It is made of solid wood and will enhance your living room for many years.

Sliding glass door display cabinet

idasen cabinet sliding glass doors

If you like to display your figurines and your books and prevent them gathering dust, the Idasen display cabinet is made especially for you. Plus, it comes with a 10-year warranty!

IKEA bedroom

bedroom IKEA 2022 2023

Does your room look a bit spooky? Discover the IKEA fall 2022 novelties for the bedroom! Make it shine and become more practical, adding a pinch of class and a bit of practicality!

Dressing table with mirror

hemnes dressing table with mirror white

Tired of running to the bathroom mirror every morning and messing up your makeup with bad lighting? We think it’s time to get the Hemnes Dressing Table with Mirror not only to bring some style to your room, but also to enjoy its functionality!

White pendant lamp

vindkast pendant white

Speaking of bad lighting, why not buy a super trendy hanging lamp from the Vindkast collection and light up your bed while you read at night? Plus, it looks like a cloud!

IKEA white shelf

plata shelf white IKEA

Need extra storage but don’t have room for another cabinet? Get the white Platsa shelf that can go in any room!

Laptop table

bjoerkasen laptop table ikea autumn collection

Are you stuck, working remotely and really don’t want to get out of bed? Look at the wonderful Bjoerkasen laptop table! It’s small, light and even has a place for your coffee!

Bathroom novelties IKEA fall 2022-2023

bathroom ikea 2022

What’s new at IKEA fall 2022 for the bathroom? We have liked three very practical pieces of furniture to store your belongings. Here’s how to give your bathroom a second life without breaking the bank. That’s what we mean when we talk about decorating on a budget!

Mirror cabinet for the bathroom

hemnes mirror cabinet

Let beauty and elegance into your home with this marvelous and sleek Hemnes mirror cabinet. On the bottom you can put most of what you use all the time. And the small door opens onto a large space that will accommodate your most precious items.

Stainless steel corner shelf

brogrund corner shelf stainless steel

The wonderful Brogrund shelf will accommodate all your soaps, shampoos, conditioners, hair masks and even your washcloths! It is easy to clean and has a super modern look.

Column with door white oak pattern

enhet column with door white oak pattern

We finish the theme of IKEA 2022 fall novelties with this sleek oak furniture! Do you want a touch of freshness and comfort in your bathroom? Take the column with Ehnet door, which comes in white and gray. Put all your essentials in there and have a tidy and great looking room!



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