Wedding hairstyle for medium length hair according to the latest hair trends

by Kremy

That’s it! Your dress is purchased, your shoes chosen and your jewelry prepared. Well, except that, when it comes to choosing your wedding hairstyle, it’s hard to find the look that will give us style. Chic, bohemian, braided, wavy, smooth or with bangs, the wedding hairstyle for medium length hair can be in accordance with your desires… and according to the latest hair trends.

Trendy mid-length hair wedding hairstyle 2022: 5 ideas to be the prettiest of all

wedding hairstyle idea medium long hair easy bohemian hairdo

The wedding hairstyle for medium length hair is undoubtedly one of the key elements for a successful look. Whether you’re the bride or her best friend, here’s our small selection of easy and ultra-trendy hairstyles to be the most beautiful!

Baby Braids – the wedding hairstyle for medium-length hair

wedding hairstyle ideas medium long hair braids trend 2022


Looking for a trendy and girly wedding hairstyle for medium length hair? Think about Baby braids that all the stars love and even wear on the red carpet. These are fine braids that frame the face, one on each side, and which clear the profile to illuminate it. From Hailey Bieber’s model sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid to fashion influencer Chiara Ferragni, retro-inspired mini braids have won more than one influencer. To make them, nothing could be easier! Get some mini hair bands, select two strands and tie them loosely with the rubber bands. Then, braid the strands and secure the ends with a rubber band.

The slick hair half ponytail

half ponytail slick hair DIY wedding hairstyle for medium long hair trend 2022

The slicked back hair trend is a celebrity favorite on the red carpet. Think you need a pro hairstylist to get that great look? No way! You can follow our instructions on how to do it at home. Having your hair slightly slicked back will accentuate your facial features. By letting half of your hair down, you won’t look too formal. Combine this absolutely stunning hairstyle with crystal eye makeup. For a more dramatic effect, make a bold kitten eye or wear a dark lip.

Medium length hair low and messy bun

wedding hairstyle mid length hair 2022 trends

If during the summer, you tie your hair quite often, you can be tempted by the low and messy bun regardless of the season. A wedding hairstyle for medium length hair worthy of a duchess, it will be on everyone’s head at the start of the fall-winter season. Despite its worked look, it is relatively simple to achieve. Whether you have a small straight or curly, thin or thick mane, the star hairstyle of the moment remains a safe bet to clear the neck and be the prettiest of the guests. Just tie your hair in a low tail and twist it around itself to form a bun. The idea is to let out a few small loose strands that you then use to camouflage the elastic band. The ultra glamorous wedding low bun is yours.

The Pammy Updo – the wedding hairstyle for retro chic mid-length hair

pammy updo trend 2022 wedding hairstyle for medium length hair with bangs


A trendy hairstyle that has been a hit since spring 2022, but also a very hot wedding hairstyle, the Pammy Updo presents a rather textured bun in a messy Californian style. Pamela Anderson’s favorite hairstyle during the 90s sparked a real craze this summer and with good reason! The lengths are styled in a wavy way and are tied in such to create a high and falsely neglected bun. A thin tapered and curved fringe on the forehead enhances the look while longer locks escape from the hairstyle to frame the face.

Wavy hair

wedding hairstyle for medium long hair wavy curls

To bring movement to mid-length hair, there’s nothing like the wavy style. A few salt and pepper highlights and you’re done. Short hair accessories are also welcome to energize the bob. Dare to wear barrettes, scarves, headbands and scrunchies. Finally, the fringe also allows you to vary the look of your new hairstyle. Long curtain bangs, tapered, straight, thick, side swept… you are spoiled for choice. The wavy hair goes wonderfully with the rustic style outfits.




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