Jeweled Trends 2022 – Top 5 Fashionable Body Decorating Ideas

by Kremy

Jeweled trends 2022 feature creative ideas for people who love sparkle or simply think outside the box. From tooth gems to pedicure with rhinestones – the jeweled look is fashionable!

Jeweled Trends 2022 – Tooth Gems

Jeweled Trends 2022 Tooth Gems

Decorating teeth with rhinestones, precious metals and stones is now available to everyone whom nature has awarded with healthy teeth. Tooth gems came into fashion relatively recently, when aesthetic dentistry got the opportunity to use materials for attaching them to tooth enamel without violating the integrity of the tooth. Nowadays tooth gems are safe for health, allowing you to show individuality and draw attention to your smile.

Rhinestones on the teeth are a bright accent that attracts the eye. Sparkling and iridescent with all the colors of the rainbow, they give any smile a special attraction. Jeweled trends 2022 feature a variety of gems and everyone can choose the most acceptable option for themselves.

Trendy Dermal Piercing Ideas

Trendy Dermal Piercing Ideas


Dermal piercing, also known as a single point piercing or microdermal piercing, is another trend. Unlike traditional piercings, this type of skin piercing does not have a separate entry and exit point for jewelry. With this type of piercing, you can decorate both a separate part of the body or complement an existing tattoo. The piercing technique allows you to put jewelry on almost any part of the body, which is why many people make whole composition.

Dermal piercing can be done on any part of the body, except for the auricle. The most popular places for placing single point piercings are the neck, face, cheekbones, abdomen, thighs and chest.

2022 Fashionable Pedicure with Rhinestones

Pedicure with Rhinestones

A beautiful elegant pedicure is an indispensable attribute of any woman who pays attention to every detail of her look. It is not enough just to paint your nails with a fashionable nail color, you need to create a unique design that will harmoniously fit into everyday or formal attire.

jeweled trends pedicure with rhinestones

2022 Fashionable pedicure with rhinestones ideas show the best that the nail industry can offer today. This designs looks stylish and modern. The range of decor elements available to fashionistas is striking in its diversity. A beautiful pedicure with rhinestones looks very stylish and attractive and is a great way to show your originality. An experienced master can create a real picture on the nails. Rhinestones on the nails refresh both the monochromatic coating and the pattern with an intricate design. This is a great option for summer and open shoes.

2022 Crystal Eye Makeup

2022 Crystal Eye Makeup

Glittering products are the easiest way to turn your everyday makeup into a spectacular one. True, until recently, bright sparkles were used mainly to create artistic makeup but times are changing – and today crystal eye makeup is at the peak of popularity. Seize the moment!

crystal eye makeup trend

Rhinestones on the face will complement the makeup on a festive day. Crystal eye makeup is a festive makeup, suitable for events like wedding or a performance, photo shoots or cocktail receptions. Like other bright jewelry, crystals do not seem to be very suitable for everyday wear as they are a strong accent. The Internet is full of ideas experimenting with color, flowers, rhinestones, glitter and crystals. When you choose crystals for your makeup, make sure you follow these rules:

  • crystals must match the makeup and be its logical continuation, without conflicting with the overall look;
  • choose the color of the crystals based on the color of your outfit. Black and white colors can be combined with any shades, while the rest of the crystals are selected based on the principle of contrast, complementing or accenting the main color or according to the rule of using neighboring shades;
  • crystals designed for lip makeup may not always be suitable for decorating eyebrows or eyelashes – this is important to remember before buying them;
  • rhinestones come with and without a self-adhesive base. If they do not have adhesive you will need special glue;
  • crystals on the eyelids can be matte or shiny, but they should always form a specific pattern.

Jeweled Trends 2022 – Ear Curation Ideas

2022 Ear Curation Ideas

A curated ear is one of the biggest fashion trends. You may be wondering what curated ear is? Well, that is multiple piercings on one or both ears. The specific feature of curated ears is that they are not identical to each other, i.e. every ear is unique. 2022 ear curation ideas are a form of creativity and self-expression, like rebel haircuts, for example.




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