DIY Fashionable nude makeup ideas for a natural look

by Kremy

Fashionable nude makeup ideas for a natural look

A good makeup will underline your advantages and will hide any flaws. This means that your main goal is maximum effect with minimal use of cosmetics. To create the perfect nude makeup is not as simple as it may seem. It is important to follow some rules and basics so that it looks as harmonious and natural as possible.

DIY makeup tips and tricks for primer and foundation


Natural makeup will never go out of style. It will always be fashionable because it is a kind of classic. Many famous makeup artists say that natural makeup is one of the most complex and at the same time most sought after. When applied properly and professionally, it should be invisible, but at the same time emphasize your natural beauty, hide the flaws in appearance and emphasize the individuality and dignity of your face. We shall give you some great ideas for your daily look and some practical and useful tips how to manage the perfect natural look by yourself.

What is the main secret of nude makeup?

what are the common mistakes to avoid when applying nude makeup

When you look at photos in magazines or on the internet, you may wonder how nude makeup look so attractive? Well, the biggest secret is in the well-groomed skin. The success of any makeup is well-prepared skin and nude makeup is no exception. The healthier your skin, the easier it is for us makeup artists to create nude makeup. The word “nude” itself has the meaning – naked, clear and that is what you want to achieve – to create the effect of clear, healthy and beautiful skin. There are a number of simple rules that will help you get the perfect result.

Always moisturize the skin before applying makeup with milk or nourishing cream.

Apply foundation as thin as possible and choose a color that is as close as possible to the natural skin tone.

Do not choose the darkest shades for your eyebrow pencil. Gray and brown colors are recommended.

For a nude makeup you do not need a large amount of mascara on your eyelashes. Two layers will be enough and if you wish, you can twist your eyelashes with tweezers.

nude eyeshadow palette DIY makeup ideas

Keep in mind that eyeshadow should not be shimmery but matte. Avoid bright colors. Beige, cream, soft brown palettes are typical for this type of makeup. If you want to add some color, choose pastel tones. For women with light hair peach, beige and pale pink eyeshadows are suitable. Brunettes may choose from the grayish palette. Apply eye shadow on both the upper and bottom eyelid.

nude makeup basics how to choose the right colors

Lips should always be painted last. Lipstick is not recommended. A lip gloss is all you need for your nude makeup. But if you really want to apply lipstick, choose the most neutral and natural shades.

It is good to keep in mind that natural makeup is different and individual. For some girls, this is the complete absence of foundation while others prefer to keep all the steps and apply foundation, concealer, setting powder, blush, eye shadow, lipstick, etc.

How to apply nude makeup – practical tips for a fantastic appearance

nude makeup ideas practical tips and important rules

As we already mentioned above, the healthy skin is the first and most important factor for a beautiful nude makeup. Applying evenly a light foundation is another important step. All cosmetic products must be applied evenly, after applying a moisturizer, and the layer must be very thin. If your skin is far from ideal, you will need to apply a primer and a concealer to smooth the surface of the skin. The good news is that many brands offer very light foundations. For applying concealer and foundation and makeup artists recommend using a wet sponge.

For oily skin, matting bases and tonal creams are most suitable. For combined skin, the right choice would be a balancing base, which mattes the T-zone, and moisturizes the cheeks, cheekbones and temples. For dry skin, before applying makeup, it is better to use a good moisturizer, as well as a base which labeled as satin, silk or cream.

The glowing skin effect is exceptionally fashionable and if you want to achieve it, you will need a shimmering makeup base. However, this is not recommended to women with oily skin or at least they should apply it only on the area of the cheekbones and temples, avoiding the T-zone.

DIY natural makeup tutorial useful tips

To correct minor defects like circles under the eyes or to mask pimples you can use special pencils or concealers.

As a finishing touch you can apply setting powder. Powder will ensure the stability of the makeup. It is recommended to do this with a large brush. Remember that to create a natural makeup you should not choose powder with a bronze or pearly effect.

how to apply nude makeup basic rules step by step tutorial

Eyebrows are very important when you apply nude makeup. Try to match your hair color to the color of eyebrows. Natural, thick eyebrows emphasize the eyes and make the face more expressive and beautiful. You need to remove the extra hairs in the lower line of the eyebrows. Choose a sharp pencil and paint the eyebrows with the lightest strokes. If the eyebrows have visible gaps, you can slightly disguise them with eyebrow shadows.

Blush is an important part of any makeup as it sculpts the facial lines. Apply transparent blush on the cheekbones, preferably in a natural shade. Do not overdo it! Keep blush to a minimum and apply it with light, wide movements along the cheekbone line.

DIY natural makeup what is important to know

Always remember the golden rule of makeup – focus on either your eyes or your lips. Nude makeup is all about harmonious underlining of the eyes and lips. Check the gallery below and see the beautiful examples that we selected for you.



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