Wedding makeup trends and ideas for the most special day

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Wedding makeup trends colors and styles

Makeup artists from all over the world present new ideas every season to highlight the beauty of women. Wedding makeup trends are focused on pristine beauty and vivid expression. However, one needs to know that there are simple rules which are hugely important, especially on this most important day.

Unlike daily makeup, wedding makeup should be special and exquisitely refined unless you have chosen some extreme wedding style. At the same time, a bold evening makeup could be inappropriate for the traditional image of a bride. Make-up should be in harmony with the style that the bride chooses for herself. Of course, it is necessary to avoid extremes and provocative shades. It is better choose natural colors, for example, cream, pink, peach or soft brown.


Wedding makeup trends and important rules to keep in mind

beautiful bridal makeup natural colors


Wedding makeup trends may help you choose your style and create the perfect combination with the dress, veil, hairstyle and nail design. Some brides prefer a single stylistic line for all the details, while others want something interesting and unusual.

The most important thing is perfect skin. A few months before the wedding you should start to care for your skin with special attention. Do not forget about the daily care, as well as other important regular procedures like scrubbing, applying moisturizing and nourishing masks, facial massage, etc. Procedures like chemical peels should be avoided at least a month prior wedding day.

how to choose your bridal makeup

If possible, hire a makeup artist. Start searching for a good and experienced makeup artist in advance and arrange a meeting. In this way you will be able to choose a professional who will understand your style and will help you with ideas. Do a test makeup at least one week before the wedding. If you do your own makeup, then do not use unfamiliar brands of cosmetics in order to avoid allergic reactions. Choose proven products or brands that you are familiar with. Remember that your bridal makeup should be in harmony with the color of hair, skin, the dress and accessories. If you want to create a romantic appearance and if your wedding set consists of a large number of details, the makeup should be gentle and light and the use of sparkles should be reduced to a minimum.

Some brides prefer to have a makeup artist throughout the wedding who will correct their look, if, necessary and also change the morning makeup with new one, which is suitable for the evening party.

One of the most important rules that you should not forget, especially if you are looking for DIY makeup ideas is that the accent should be made either on the eyes or on the lips, not to both.


Wedding makeup trends and ideas

Wedding day makeup tips how to choose the style

To many people wedding makeup is traditionally conservative. On this very important day, few brides decide to experiment with their appearance. Most brides prefer time-tested options in neutral or delicate pastel colors. Focus on the eyes is one of the main trends. Makeup that highlights the eyes has always enjoyed popularity and remains a steady fashion trend. Here are some of the wedding makeup trends that you may consider for your big day!

vintage wedding style red lips smokey eye makeup

Classic makeup is pure, tender and romantic without any bright and challenging lines and colors. This type of makeup is characterized with matte or pearly pastel shades, a gentle blush on the cheeks and light pink gloss on the lips. Choose the tones that suit your personality, color skin and create the perfect classic look.

beautiful bride natural makeup tips

Nude makeup appeared a couple of years ago as a tendency towards naturalness and is the most popular summer wedding makeup. Looking at photos of models you do not immediately understand whether cosmetics are applied at all. To achieve this effect is not as easy as it may seem as this type of makeup requires a perfectly smooth, prepared skin, an ideal foundation and natural colors of eyeshadow and lipstick, which are different and individual for every skin.

beautiful smokey eyes bridal makeup with pink lips

Boho chic is another style, popular for summer weddings. The accent is on eyes or lips, but the main goal is that the makeup looks harmonious. Eyeshadow colors are rich – gold, bronze, matte black, burgundy, green and wine tones for lipstick or glitter. This style allows a certain careless appearance which is typical for the Bohemian style.

Rustic makeup resembles the nude style, but is a little bit brighter. Use shades of natural colors – light blue, spring green, sand, etc. Apply either a colorless balm or a natural tone matte lipstick. Most often, this is the choice brides with blonde and red hair.

wedding makeup styles retro vintage bride look

Retro wedding makeup includes different styles – “The Great Gatsby”, “Audrey Hepburn”, “Pin up style”, etc.

  • Gatsby style is characterized with passionate sparkling red lips, smokey eye or simple black eyeliner. Eyeshadow colors are mainly form the neutral palette – brown, black, beige.
  • Audrey Hepburn style features deep, dark smokey eyes and soft matte or slightly gleaming flesh-colored lips. This is the perfect choice for brunettes.

Extravagant makeup is perfect for an extravagant dress, which is distinguished not only by the luxurious shape, but also by the elegance of its embellishments. Makeup with expressive eyes and bright saturated lips is a good choice.

Modern makeup techniques include contouring and strobing. Contouring is a technique of applying light and dark shades of foundation and visually change the face sculpture – narrow the nose, accent on cheekbones, get rid of the second chin, etc.

wedding day makeup trends and styles

Strobing is a technique that creates a natural face glow and only slightly changes it. This technique is based on using a highlighter which is applied on the forehead, nose bridge, under the eyebrows, on the area above the upper lip, on the cheekbones and chin. Strobing is suitable for girls with light skin and often used in natural, nude, or rustic styles.

Enjoy the gallery below and find the style that will reflect your personality and make you look in the best possible way on your wedding day!



wedding makeup trends dark red lips smokey eyes

wedding makeup smokey eye nude lips

wedding day bridal makeup ideas trends tips

vintage style wedding makeup trends and useful tips

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bridal styling makeup ideas for your natural look

Bridal makeup trends natural look tips and ideas


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