Natural black hair – how to create a mysterious Femme fatale look

by Kremy

practical tips how to care for natural black hair

Natural black hair is known to everyone since the time of Cleopatra. Everyone knows that hairstyle is one of the most important elements of the appearance. The color of the hair is not only an indicator of individuality, but also a fashion trend. Today, the most important direction in modern hair coloring is naturalness. Almost every woman changed her hair color at least once. However, it is not necessary to change it radically to be fashionable. Women who have natural black hair are exotic, mysteriously beautiful and seductive, with undoubted inner strength. Very often they are called Femmes fatales. The main advantage of their hair is natural density, healthy shine and strength.

Natural black hair – a curse or a blessing?

natural black hair care tips for healthy look


Black hair color was considered one of the most attractive. Black is considered the most natural shade in this color palette. Many stylists say that girls prefer to choose their hair color from the black shades that look incredible naturalistic and this is a steady trend. For one reason or another, black is considered as a fatal color and women with black hair create an impression of being strict and exotic, competent, and hard-working, creative and imaginative.

At the moment, the main fashion trend is natural black or blond hair which gives women a health and vivid appearance. Black is a good choice for light-eyed people because it makes the eyes stand out. However, before choosing a new dye, you need to keep in mind that black hair makes the features sharper and the face weaker, so fashionable or not this may not be the right choice for you!

Black hair care and useful maintenance tips

One of the major advantages of natural black hair is that it is usually thick with lots of volume which allows you to style it in numerous ways. It matches any color of your clothing and you will not have the problem of red-haired women who need to select the color palette of their garments very carefully. The major disadvantage is that it is not easy to dye black hair in another color. It has to be bleached first and then dyed with the new color. Bleaching is very damaging makes hair very dry, so it is advisable not to do it. In addition, the roots show up easily and you will have to bleach them regularly.

How to take care of your natural black hair

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Every hair needs care and maintenance. Natural black hair is not an exception. How to maintain it healthy, shiny and full of life? On the first place, reduce the use of heat tools. If you want to use a hairdryer, curl or straighten your hair, make sure you apply a protective spray before the heat treatment.

Use special shampoos and hair products. Keratin is excellent for preserving the natural color of the hair. Use high-quality keratin products at home or visit a salon for special keratin treatment.

Exposing your hair to sunlight will reduce the intensity of the color. It is advisable to apply UV protection products if you need to stay outdoors for a long time.

Olive oil, amaranth or argan oil rubbed in the hair make it shiny and even more beautiful.


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Natural black hair pros and cons

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