Fashionable summer hair colors to be the star of the season

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summer hair ideas trends and colors

Fashionable summer hair colors and dyeing techniques have one goal – to give your appearance maximum naturalness. Of course, every rule has exceptions. That is why many young girls and women choose extreme colors, emphasizing their originality and creativity.

summer hair care tips and color ideas


We all know that fashions and trends come and go. However, there are some simple rules that always remain relevant and you should keep them in mind. When choosing a new shade for your summer look, the length of your hair matters. Long hair remains at the peak of popularity. A well-groomed long, thick hair always attracts men, as it is a sign that the girl takes care of her appearance. Medium length hair also enjoys a great popularity, especially among business ladies. It is easier to maintain yet can be very feminine and can be styled in many different ways. Short haircuts are typical for self-sufficient types of women and women of older age.

How to choose summer hair colors – useful tips and hints

platinum ash blonde long hair summer colors ideas

Your natural hair color is also hugely important. How to choose summer hair colors? Here are some experts’ tips:

Carefully determine the natural color and take into account the presence of gray hair. This will affect both the original color and the durability of the dye.

Take into account your makeup style and colors. For example, if you wear a copper shade lipstick every day and it suits you, it will be most successful and flattering if you chose a copper shade for your hair as well.

With age, it is best if you gave up red and bright copper shades as they highlight the skin imperfections that appear over the years.

If you want a bright color, start by highlighting thin strands.

Think of your wardrobe. A dramatic change of hair color will require a change of your usual clothing, accessories, etc.

If you have never dyed your hair before, start by coloring individual strands or highlighting. This will help you get used to the new shade.

summer hair trends colors and fashion

When you have doubts for one or another tone, choose ammonia free dye. They are good, especially, when you cannot make up your mind, because in a few weeks thy’d be washed away.

When choosing a color for hair that has been dyed before with natural dyes as henna, it is quite possible that you will not get the result you expect. The best option is to continue painting with products of natural origin, or wait until the color has come down, and only then proceed to painting with professional dyes.

When you want to make a dark hair lighter, dyeing should be carried out in several stages, alternating coloring with treatments. This will allow achieving the desired result and minimize negative effects on your hair. It is not necessary to apply very light shades on hair which is already dyed in blond in order to avoid serious damage to the structure.

If you choose a dye from the blonde palette, you should pay attention to the composition of the product. It is advisable to choose products with caring components like oils, protein and keratin. They help smoothing the hair and make it impervious to dust, grease and dirt, which eventually turn a spectacular color into a dirty yellow.

Thin and soft gray hair can be dyed with delicate ammonia-free dyes.

Summer hair colors – trendy shades for the warm season

cool and trendy hair colors for summer

This season summer hair colors feature a variety of shades from ash blonde to rose brown. A properly chosen dye is the real alternative to anti-aging remedies. The right shade helps to refresh the skin, emphasizes the shade of the eyes and makes the face look younger and more attractive.

original hairstyles and colors for the summer

Hair stenciling is returning and you can experiment with a variety of patterns – from geometric lines to butterflies in the most incredible tones of pink, blue or purple. Those who choose this type of original hairstyle should remember that you need to straighten the hair otherwise the pattern will not be clearly seen.

Pixelated hair creative ideas for the summer

Pixelated hair is usually done in bright, bold and often neon shades. Having in mind that the trend is towards more natural look, those of you who feel attracted to this bold hair art should choose a small size accent instead of a large eye catching pattern.

creative hairstyles for summer

Contrast color bangs – this is a trend suitable for short bob and asymmetrical hairstyles. It can be a great accent for long hairstyles as well. If you want to attract attention, choose an interesting color shade like blue, purple, pink.

fire red long hair cool and trendy colors

Ash blonde, fire red and their variations will be quite popular as well. Ombre remains popular and we shall see many variations using this technique.

fashionable colors for summer pink

Pastel colors will have even more solid positions this summer. If you are not sure which shade to choose, you can try washable dyes but if you are ready for dramatic changes, then try bright pastels. Pink, lavender, gray, blue – all this is now at the peak of popularity.


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Summer hair tips color ideas

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Fashionable summer hair colors and maintenance tips

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