Blonde hair 2019 trends and practical tips for care and maintenance

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bonde hair 2019 trends color shades

The beginning of the new season is characterized by the fact that almost every girl and woman think of clothes, shoes and appropriate accessories to update their wardrobe, how to choose the hair color or appropriate makeup. We start to think about the latest trends in hairstyles and would like to focus your attention to blonde hair 2019 trends.

Hair color plays a crucial role in creating a fashionable look. It can express your mood and emphasize your personal style. These are just a few of the reasons behind the careful choosing of a new color. Experts advise that natural blonde is one of the latest trends, but we shall see a few more shades as well. Light ash blonde is the ideal choice for those who prefer a “Snow Queen” appearance, while warm caramel will be a great choice for those who prefer a more romantic look.


Blonde hair 2019 trends – the challenges of being blonde

balayage technique hair colors trends


Blonde is a real challenge because it requires a lot of care. It becomes a way of life. What to do if you want to change your color just a little? What are the blonde hair 2019 trends? We shall look at the latest and newest color shades so that you can choose the best one for your skin color and personality.

silver blonde color hairstyles

Silver blonde is a shade that you need to be careful with. This is a version of platinum blonde and the light metallic shimmer is ideal for women who look for a modern and bold appearance. Achieving this color involves bleaching which will dry out your hair. This means that you will need to trim it periodically so that it looks (and feels) healthy. The color also depends on how you treated your hair over the years. In addition, you will have to do regular touch-ups or otherwise the roots will be visible. As far as maintenance is concerned, you will need a shampoo, conditioner, and mask for blonde, color-treated hair.

California blonde is returning from the past. If you want the ideal accent to sun-kissed skin, this is your color. The color is not as dramatic as platinum silver but your hair will not be damaged by bleaching and decolorization.

Platinum creamy blonde hair

Creamy blond is a color between blond and chestnut. Many describe it as “a combination of beige and brown with warm golden shades.” The role of golden strands is to give lighter and even more amazing look and accent on the beautiful features of your face.

Champagne blonde color fashionable hair

Champagne blonde is the latest trend among celebrities and is the best way to process light hair. It is a mix of warm tones of champagne, ash and platinum. If you want to have more natural shades, this blonde is for you. Be patient because the color is not achieved immediately, and after at least three visits to the stylist.

Toasted coconut is one of the interesting colors which is ideal for women who like to experiment. It combines “grunge” roots, honey blond and white-gray. The dark roots smoothly move to the gray edges.

honey blonde color trendy hairstyles

Golden toffee, homey and caramel blonde shades from the warm palette combine dark blonde highlights and are suitable for most skin colors.

Women who prefer natural colors should pay attention to the golden tones. The main advantage of golden blonde is that this color goes well with light brown and chestnut shades

pastel pink accents hairstyle ideas

Pastel accents remain a trend, which has not disappeared for several years. Many young girls experiment with temporary dyes and try different colors.

balayage blonde hair 2019 trends tisp and ideas

Balayage blonde is the choice of women who want a natural-look with highlights at the ends of the hair. This is the perfect choice is you want to keep your natural color, which will make your appearance more interesting.

How to take care and maintain your beautiful blonde hair?

trendy shades of blonde maintenance tips

Blonde hair looks very impressive and stylish but the truth is that it requires care and maintenance. To keep it beautiful, smooth and shiny, you should carefully consider the selection of care products. This is especially important in summer care, when the sun’s rays become more active and can significantly damage your hair.

The first and most important rule of any hair care is not to harm it. The greatest damage is to choose low-quality products. On the first place, forget about shampoos which include sulphates. These components make hair more brittle, dry and lifeless. In addition, sulphates give blonde hair yellowish and copper-red shades.

Avoid products that contain alcohol, like hairspray as well as hot irons, curling wands and other heated styling tools. In case you need to use one of those make sure that you have a very good heat protectant.

blonde hair 2019 trends

Hard water is another enemy of blondes. Minerals from hard water are deposited on the hair, which not only affects the elasticity, but also can significantly change their color.

Do not wash your hair every day. It is best if you wash it once every two days.

Exposure to UV rays can cause a lot of damage. Therefore, from mid-spring to mid-autumn, use special hair care products.

Apply oil on hair tips as it protects them. Pay attention that the masks do not contain synthetic (mineral oil), but only natural oils.

Select shampoo and conditioner carefully. This will keep the moisture. The right blonde enhancer will not allow the color fading and will keep the bright look of the hair.

shades of blonde 2019 hair trends

Platinum blonde color long hair

curly hair color 2019 trends

blonde hair trends color maintenance

blonde color shades trendy hairstyles

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