Short hairstyles for women – fashionable look for every taste

by Kremy

Short hairstyles for women red hair with bangs


Short hairstyles for women can give you a completely new appearance. Every woman wants to be unique, to have her own individual style which expresses her personality, taste and lifestyle. One of the most important steps on the way to creating your own individual image is to choose a beautiful haircut. You can think of at least one of your friends or acquaintances who decided to radically change her life and her appearance and chose a short haircut. There is also another type of women – those who are bold and determined and who are not afraid of experiments with their appearance.

Hairstyles for short hair can distinguish your beautiful facial features while retaining femininity and beauty. Short hair can make a woman gentle and romantic, it can look playful and sexy, bold and independent or give you a rebellious look. Fashionable female haircuts for short hair are more than just a haircut. They are an opportunity to change yourself, to to express your inner charisma, to surprise, and amazed everyone with your sense of taste and style.


Short hairstyles for women – analyze the shape of your face


asymmetrical haircuts with bangs


Many women do not know how to choose a haircut properly or feel a little bit afraid of cutting their long mane. Of course, long hair will never go out of fashion but long hairstyles are not always suitable or appropriate for women and sometimes they may even look absurd. Many stylists advise women not to suffer with long hair but choose one of the many stylish and fashionable haircuts for short hair.

Short hairstyles for women are very convenient and practical, perfectly suitable for every day, and for an evening out. It is true, that choosing a short haircut is not always easy. Short haircuts should be chosen taking into account the shape of your face, your activity, the basic style of clothing and even your body. It is best if you consult an experienced stylist who will be able to to advise you what kind of haircut will be most suitable for you and which hairstyle you should avoid. Remember that the wrong short haircut will make visible all the wrinkles, flaws or imperfections of your face. Here are some criteria to follow, as a beginning:

Round face hairstyle ideas short haircuts with bangs

Round face – For women with round type of face a multi-level haircut with voluminous crown is recommended. The strands are along the contour of the face, the bangs are made asymmetrical. The main task is to visually correct the existing shortcomings, to “extend” the face, to give the lines symmetry and harmony. Bob, Pixie, The Mohawk layered haircuts – these are just some of the options.

square face haircuts ideas with asymmetrical bangs

Square face – this face shape is not difficult to determine even at home. Typically, the length of the face is approximately equal to its width and the cheekbones and jaw angles in such faces are evident. The right geometry and proportions are essential for square faces as they soften the angular lines and make the face look longer. Asymmetry, soft waves, face framing haircuts, textured haircuts with smooth transitions – these are the beneficial hairstyles which will create an illusion of an oval face. Excessive volume along the sides and especially at the level of cheekbones and jaw must be avoided as this makes the face look even broader.

short bob hairstyles for oval faces

Oval face – this is the type of face that always looks great and any short haircut is suitable. Straight lines, and asymmetry, cascading and layered haircuts, shaggy bob, pixie – there is a huge variety of options.

haircuts for heart shaped face

Heart shaped face – this shape is characterized with narrow chin and wide forehead. This face shape resembles an inverted triangle. The main task is to balance the lines and add volume to the chin area. Short haircuts with Side-swept bangs are most beneficial for heart shaped faces as they cover the large forehead. Voluminous haircuts should be avoided.

short hairstyles for women with thick hair asymmetrical haircuts

Diamond shaped faces – the broadest line is the line of cheekbones, the chin is narrow, the forehead line is noticeably narrower than the cheekbones. Your haircut needs to balance the narrow chin, reduce the width of the cheekbones and the length of the face. A Pixie haircut adds volume to the top of the head which makes it ideal for diamond shaped faces. Bangs are also beneficial and asymmetrical haircuts are one of the best options for such faces.

short hairstyles casual haircuts blond women

Oblong face shape, or long face, is characterized that the face is longer than wide. The main task is to reduce the length and increase the width. That will make the face proportional, and therefore, more attractive. Waves and bangs are the perfect hairstyle. Bangs make any face look shorter, and you can choose any type of bangs – from blunt bangs to long, side-swept bangs or asymmetric bangs.


Short hairstyles for women – important tips for the hair texture


trendy chic short hairstyles with bangs

The texture of the hair is also very important when you choose short hairstyles for women. Hair density is essential for the haircut as one and the same hairstyle will look completely different on thick, thin and curly hair.

short hairstyles for women thick hair pixie haircuts

Short haircuts for thick hair should have a certain geometry. They should show not only the beauty of the hair but emphasize the attractive look of the woman. The ideal choice will be layered haircut with side-swept bangs, pixie, textured bob haircuts, asymmetrical haircuts with bangs, etc.

haircuts with bangs for thin hair

Short haircuts for thin hair have to emphasize your femininity, beauty and elegance. It is necessary to follow to the basic principle – the shorter the length, the easier it is to give the hair volume. Stylists advise haircuts with voluminous bangs, haircuts with torn edges that will add volume like short asymmetrical Bob, Pixie, curls, etc.

elegant short curly hairstyles for women

Short haircuts for curly hair can be exceptionally elegant and sophisticated. Many women with naturally cirly hair are afraid of short haircuts as they think that their curls will have a messy look. However, having selected the haircut correctly, taking into account the structure of the hair and the type of face, you can achieve an amazing effect. Keep in mind that a very short haircut exposes the face, so it is almost impossible to hide existing shortcomings. Cascading and layered Bob haircuts are popular variations and they are a great choice for gentle, feminine and romantic women. Women with oval contours of the face can choose some of the classic variations while more round-faced ladies may consider asymmetrical haircuts.


Gorgeous short hairstyles for women ideas


Short hairstyles for women fashionable pixie haircut

Short hairstyles for women will allow you to twist your hair, emphasize the texture of the hair around your face. When choosing between all the varieties of Bob or Pixie, keep in mind that depending on your face shape and hiar texture, you can opt for bangs and even a shaved hairstyle.

Haircuts for short hair with bangs can look in hundreds of different ways – rebellious, mysterious, romantic, etc. Dense, asymmetrical bangs make the face more round and hide wide cheekbones and forehead. A Pixie haircut with short and ultrashort bangs can look playful, lively and at the same time very elegant. Asymmetricgs always attract attention and typically are chosen by women with more adventurous character while straight bangs are the choice of straightforward individualities.

Short haircuts without bangs are suitable for women with both straight and curly hair and are also suitable for both thick and thin hair. Hairdressers do not recommend this option for women with large facial features.

Short shaved hairstyles are very popular among young women and their advantage is that the density of hair and texture do not matter.

Short haircuts without styling – these are the haircuts that do not require a hairdryer or any special styling products. For example, Pixie is one of these versatile hairstyles which are often classified as “low maintenance”. However, even if the haircut does not require styling and involves aesthetic negligence, this does not mean that the hair does not require attention. Keep applying nourishing mask and conditioners so that the hair is healthy and shiny.

Enjoy the gallery below and choose your short haircut!



short haircuts for women with thin hair

haircut with bangs for thin hair

Top short hairstyles with bangs for women

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