Festive short hairstyles for women: Simple and charming hairdos for every occasion

by Kremy

Short hair is often said to lack versatility, especially when it comes to formal hairstyles. Challenge the expectations and take your short hair to a whole new level with one of these amazingly beautiful, festive short hairstyles for special occasions. Get inspired by some of these gorgeous hairstyles!

Festive short hairstyles for women

most beautiful festive short hairstyles for women

From beautiful accessories that add a touch of glamor to simple twists and updos, there are many ways to make short hair look fabulous. Even if you only have a few minutes to do it!

Side braid for short wavy hair

Festive short hairstyles for women side braid


We know that dealing with short wavy hair can be quite a challenge. Still, there’s hardly anything that a cute side braid can’t fix.

Elegant hairstyle for the mother of the bride

Festive short hairstyle for mother of the bride

Weddings are really special events and mother of the bride or groom hairstyles are something that should not be neglected. No need to have extensions and grow out your hair for the next special occasion. Just decorate your well-groomed haircut with an elegant hair accessory to emphasize the importance of the event. To make your hairstyle even more special for the long-awaited holiday, add some gorgeous embellishments: everything from updos to voluminous styling will look amazing with an elegant accessory.

Festive short hairstyles for women: the French twist

French Twist for short hair the elegant updo

An updo with a French twist for short hair gives a mature woman timeless elegance. If you are attending a formal event or want to dress elegantly, this updo is the perfect hairstyle. Make sure to use a very light finishing hairspray to tame strands for a shinier look and avoid strong, wet hairsprays, which separate sections and spoil the smooth, shiny elegance.

Cool bobby pin patterns

Short Hairstyles for women with bobby pins

You don’t like glittering jewelry? Modest works just fine as well. Bobby pins aren’t usually considered something magical, but they can look fantastic if you have a few styling tricks up your sleeve. Stick a handful of bobby pins into your hair to create a pattern and you’ll be surprised to see how great it looks.

Festive short hairstyles for wedding guests

DIY wedding hairstyle

This hairstyle can be done on short, dry hair in 10-15 minutes. Work very quickly with a flat iron, taking the large strands all over the head and smoothing them in different directions. Then treat the entire hair from the bottom up with a texturizing spray and gently comb it with coarse teeth, setting the fringe aside. Add a white hair accessory if you are invited to a wedding.

Updo hairstyle for older ladies

Festive short hairstyle for older women

An elegant updo for older ladies with short hair gives a playful and youthful look. A loose low bun is a great way to style short hair for a formal event. Let out a few strands to gently drape over the ear and down the nape of the neck. This gives the formal updo a modern look.

Wear a pretty headband

A stylish hairband beautifies every short hairdo

Accessories are an easy way to dress up your festive outfit. Whether colorful and cheerful or something more sophisticated, a hair band suits almost every occasion. A sparkling accessory looks festive and romantic, and you can wear it with any hair length.

Low bun with a side braid on jawbone bob

Festive short hair styles for ladies with medium length bob

If you have a jaw-length bob and are looking for the perfect hairstyle, then a neat low bun with a side braid is for you. To achieve this look, part your hair slightly off-center. Do a small dutch braid on each side of your head. Make sure to secure each braid so it doesn’t come loose when you style it. Once you reach the nape of your neck, you can tie the braids together and secure them with bobby pins. Spray your hair liberally with a medium-hold hairspray and add accessories to your liking.

Curly short hairstyle

Curly short hairstyle for a festive occasion

This elegant hairstyle is deceptive, at first glance one might think that the woman has long, curly hair. Curls and precise pinning can be used to create a bold, textured updo, even with shorter hair.

Amazing asymmetrical updo

Updo for short hair with asymmetrical braid

An asymmetrical braided updo is an excellent choice for women who want to create the illusion of longer hair with luscious long curls. Short hair lends itself very well to messy hairstyles, and an asymmetrical braid adds an element of class and romance to the overall look. By using the shorter strands to add volume and texture to the braid, you can keep the updo in order.

Festive short hairstyles for prom

This updo is perfect for prom

It’s important to realize that hairstyles that require multiple steps are not always the best. Sometimes it’s the simplest look that makes the biggest impact. See this low twisted updo. It requires little skill, but the result is very pretty.

Voluminous, short hair with a deep side parting

DIY voluminous hairstyle for short hair

Short hair with a deep side parting and waves is an edgy look that can turn heads. Finger comb your hair to one side to make a deep parting. Blow dry the hair to create volume. For short strands, use a curling iron to create waves. Then run your fingers through the curls to make them look fresher and more voluminous. Use a flexible hold hairspray that will give your hair stability and make it look alive.



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