2022 Wedding Guest Hairstyles: Fashion Trends and Ideas for Your Hairdo

Written by Kremena Ruseva

A wedding is a festive event not only for the newlyweds and their parents, but also for the guests. There is no doubt that the hairstyle for guest of wedding should be beautiful. Even if the holiday is not yours, and you are just a guest or a witness, this does not mean that you should approach the choice of hairstyle lightheartedly. After all you will be in wedding photographs, so you need to prepare properly. Whether you choose an intricate hairstyle or a simple one, remember that a wedding celebration lasts all day. Let’s have a look at 2022 wedding guest hairstyles and give you some tips how to choose the best one for yourself.

How to Choose Your Hairdo?

2022 Wedding Guest Hairstyles Fashion Trends and Ideas

The choice of hairstyle for a guest of a wedding is determined by many factors, in addition to the length of the hair and your own style. To look appropriate to the occasion you should take into account some simple rules that any guest of wedding should keep in mind when preparing for the event.

Do Not Compete with the Bride

Do Not Compete with the Bride

Your hairstyle should not compete with the bride. If hairstyles for guests of wedding should repeat the image of the bride, then they are made more modest, with fewer accessories.

Natural Hairstyles are Trendy in 2022

Natural Hairstyles are Trendy in 2022

The main trend in 2022 wedding hairstyles is naturalness and this applies to guest hairdos. Avoid those pompous hairstyles that were fashionable in the past. Be yourself, but a more stylish version of yourself!

Think of the Season When Choosing Your Wedding Hairstyle

Think of the Season When Choosing Your Hairstyle

The season the wedding is also important. In the spring-summer months the hairstyle most often involves loose hair. As styling products, light sprays or mousses are usually used to give natural volume. In autumn and winter, wedding hairstyles are more formal – sleek buns, French twist, etc., so you should carefully select the styling products.

Choose a Hairstyle That Allows You to Enjoy Dancing

Choose a Hairstyle That Allows You to Enjoy Dancing

You should not forget that you will have to dance and participate in competitions, and your hairstyle must withstand these tests. If you intend to spend the celebration quite actively, choose buns, French or Fishtail braids or some other hairstyle that will not prevent you from enjoying the party.

Consider the Time of the Wedding

Consider the Time of the Wedding

The time of day of the wedding ceremony also determines the choice of hairstyle. If it is held mainly in the daytime, the styling should be more modest, and the hair collected. It is better to avoid bright accessories and hairpins in the hair. Evening hairstyles give more room for imagination. You can choose from loose curls with glittery accents, Botticelli waves, original hair ornaments to extravagant styling options.

Wedding Hairstyles for Themed Weddings

Wedding Hairstyles Ideas for Themed Weddings

If you are a guest at a themed wedding, then you will have to follow the dress code and style depending on the theme.

2022 Wedding Guest Hairstyles for Long, Medium and Short Hair

2022 Wedding Guest Hairstyles for Long Medium and Short Hair

Choosing a wedding guest hairstyle can take a significant amount of time. 2022 Wedding guest Hairstyles trends and experts’ advice will help you decide.

2022 Hairstyles for Long Hair

2022 Wedding Guest Hairstyles for Long Hair

Curls and waves are a timeless classic. They will give any woman a feminine and romantic look. It is important to carefully fix the curls (waves) so that they last throughout the day.

Ponytail can be low or high. A low tail will look very elegant if you decorate it with a flower. The ponytail can be combined with braids as well.

Braids are very popular in recent years. This hairstyle will be perfect for a rustic wedding, but it is also suitable for many different wedding styles.

Buns are another popular hairstyle. They look simple, but at the same time very solemn. The classic bun is located exactly in the center of the head, but it can be fixed on the side.

2022 Wedding Guest Hairstyles for Medium Long Hair

2022 Wedding Guest Hairstyles for Medium Long Hair

Ladies with medium long hair can also choose from a variety of options. The most popular2022 Wedding guest Hairstyles feature elegant hairdos like Bob variations, French twist, various types of braids and low loose buns.

2022 Wedding Guest Hairstyles for Short Hair

2022 Wedding Guest Hairstyles How to Choose Your Hairdo

Women with short haircuts are more limited in their choice of hairstyles. But the classic elegance of a Pixie and the easy styling are a huge advantage. A short haircut draws the main attention to the face so when styling your hair, use some delicate accessories like hairpins, headbands, satin or lace ribbons.







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