Iconic 1940s Hairstyles – THE Modern Trend of Pin-up Hairdos to Copy This Season

by Kremy

The concept of beauty and fashion are very changeable. However, now there is an increased interest in the past. For the last few years, the past inspired hairstyles, fashion, makeup styles and we can honestly say that vintage has never been so trendy. Women at all times and under all circumstances wanted to be beautiful. Hairstyle is the most important element of creating an attractive look and we shall look at the most iconic 1940s hairstyles.

1940s Hairstyles – Elegant, Sophisticated and Graceful Hairdos

Iconic 1940s Hairstyles Stylish and Elegant Pin up Hairdos to Try

The 1940s was the time of Golden Hollywood. Legendary actresses like Marlene Dietrich, Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth, Vivien Leigh and Ingrid Bergman were the icons of 40s style. However, 1940s were the times of a devastating war. World War II left its stamp on fashion and style as well. Those were difficult times when women could not afford to spend hours in a salon or in front of the mirror. During the war period hairstyles were distinguished by simplicity and practicality for a number of reasons – shortage of soap and styling products, closing of beauty salons, etc. Women had to be creative and despite that short hairstyles were typical for the war years, shoulder length or longer hair was not an exception. Are you inspired by 1940s hairstyles? Are you ready to reinvent the hairstyles of our grandmothers? Let’s go then!

Iconic 1940s Hairstyles – THE Modern Trend with a Romantic Look at the Past

Iconic 1940s hairstyles THE modern trend inspired by the past


1940s hairstyles are very romantic, they were full of feminine curls, partings, and fringes. This look is ideal for women who love to shine and attract the attention of others. Before choosing a hairstyle from the 1940s, remember that the hair should be arranged neatly. No hanging strands, no extravagant hair colors. 1940s hairstyles emphasize the elegance, femininity and sexuality of the woman.

1940s Soft Waves and Curls

1940s Soft waves and curls

Straight hair was not considered as stylish. Soft waves were hugely popular in 1940s. Do you remember the famous wavy hair of Rita Hayworth in Gilda? Soft, feminine waves were styled on medium length and long hair.

1940s Hairstyles elegant and graceful hairdos

Curls were all the rage during the 40s as well. From the ringlet curls of Shirley Temple to seductive curls styled in a variety of ways to create glamorous hairdos. For creating this hairstyle, women used pin curls or twisted their hair in rags and left them on for hours, most often overnight. Those who did not have the time or patience to wait for hours, had their hair permed at the hairdressers.

Victory Rolls – The Most Popular 1940s Hairstyle

Victory rolls the most popular 1940s hairstyle

Victory rolls were created to celebrate the end of World War II. This elegant hairstyle was created by curling the bottoms of hair upward and setting them with pins toward each other. The rolls are done with hair rollers and the rest of the hair is carefully brushed, keeping the victory rolls intact.


1940s hairstyles pageboy

This is a popular festive hairdo for medium and long hair. It is characterized with curled-under roll which goes all around the sides and back of the hair.

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chignon low bun retro hairstyle

The chignon was a very popular hairdo. It is exceptionally graceful and elegant and nowadays is among the most popular wedding hairstyles for retro-inspired weddings. Depending on the variation, some of these low updos were pretty simple, while others were more elaborate, decorated with flowers or other embellishments.

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Bumper Bangs

bumper bangs pin up hairstyle

Do you like bangs? Well, then 1940s hairstyles are not for you! This was not the era of bangs. In the 1940s hair was styled so that it doesn’t get into the face. In case the woman had bangs, it was usually pinned sideways or blended into the hairstyle. The only exception was the bumper bangs hairstyle. It looks like a roll and reaches the middle of the forehead.

1940s Pompadours – Voluminous Retro Hairstyles

1940s pompadour hairstyle for women

1940s pompadours can be smooth, waved or half waved. This hairstyle is all about adding height. The pompadour stands high up from the forehead, the hair is combed back and pinned to stay in place.

1940s Hairstyles – Headbands, Hats and Hair Accessories

1940s hairstyles awesome hairdos

When we talk about 1940s hairstyles, we have to pay attention to hair accessories. This is the time when hats were a part of women’s outfits. From berets to pillbox, turban or miniature hats – the variety was quite big. Usually hairstyles were adapted to fit the hat.

head scarf hairstyle 1940s hairdos

Headscarves are another popular accessory. They were largely used to protect the hair but women used to fold them into a triangle and tie them on top of the head or plait them into the hair. Flowers, ribbons and bows were used to add a bit of decoration to the hairstyle.

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