How to Design a Roof Garden – Get Inspired for Your Own Amazing Exterior with These Ideas

by Kremy

Modern landscaping ideas are so many that they allow you to create an amazing garden on the roof. Do you wonder how to design a roof garden? Don’t worry, we shall help you! And if you need inspiration, have a look at these ideas! Designing the exterior space on the roof can be a fun activity. Such a garden can become both an original decoration, a green area for recreation and leisure, hidden from prying eyes and a breath of fresh air for the city dwellers. And most importantly – it is quite possible to create it, even at low cost.

How to Design a Roof Garden – Plan the Layout

How to design a roof garden plan the layout

First you need to decide what kind of garden you want. Do you need a recreational area? What plants do you want? Consider the weight of the plants and if necessary, consult with an engineer. Obviously, if you plan to place a few large planters and flower pots, it’s not a problem. However, if you want to grow plants, shrubs and trees in soil, you need to check if the roof will be able to bear the load. A roof garden plan will allow you to get a better idea how to use the available space, how and where to place your furniture, the place of the plants, etc.

Think About Privacy Protection

roof garden design ideas privacy protection screens


Roof garden privacy protection will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space without prying eyes. There are many options to choose from. From DIY curtains that will isolate part of the garden to privacy screens made of wood or other materials. Growing privacy shrubs or trees is another option.

  • Reed mats
  • Bamboo mats
  • Privacy screens
  • Decorative metal screen panels
  • Wooden lattice
  • Bamboo plants in containers
  • Grow hedging plants
  • Grow climbing plants
  • Privacy curtains

How to Design a Roof Garden – Consider Sun and Wind Protection

How to design a roof garden consider sun and wind protection

Sun and wind protection are important for your comfort. Many people neglect that when they plan how to design a roof garden, but if you want to enjoy the good weather as much as possible, the protection from the sun’s rays will allow you to stay outdoors as long as you wish. Wind protection is essential for roof gardens, especially when they are located on high-rise buildings.

roof garden design ideas pergola sun privacy protection

What are the options to provide sun and wind protection for your rooftop garden? The easiest way is to get an umbrella. Shade sails are another good choice that will provide excellent protection. A pergola is also a good option, provided you have enough space for the construction. In addition you can use decorative lattice panels, awnings, etc. They come in a huge variety of sizes, styles and designs.

Consider the Safety of Your Roof Garden

Roof garden design ideas Safety railings

A roof garden is created to be used by your family, friends and neighbors. It can be an area for recreation, games and entertainment for the occupants of the house. You need to think about access ladders and fences that will ensure the safety of visitors to your future garden. They must be high enough and strong enough to reliably protect children and adults from falling down.

Outdoor Furniture

outdoor furniture rooftop gardens ideas

When it comes to outdoor furniture, you can choose from the numerous designs on the market. From modern lounge furniture to dining sets, there is something for every taste and exterior design concept.

How to Design a Roof Garden – Outdoor Lighting Ideas

roof garden lighting ideas

If you plan to use the garden in the evening – you can’t do without lighting. Light is always a very effective addition to the design. You can install LED lights in niches or along paths. The simplest method is to use solar-powered lights. This is a great alternative to stationary lights. Fairy lights create a magical atmosphere and can be installed as additional decoration. Lanterns and candles will add a romantic touch to your outdoor space.

How to Choose the Plants for Your Roof Garden?

How to Choose Plants for Your Roof Garden

What are the best plants for a roof garden? How to choose them? There are no special secrets in the selection of plants for rooftop gardens. Yet, you need to consider the climate of your roof, sun exposure, watering, day and night temperatures, wind, etc. For example, if your balcony is facing south, it means that it will get a lot of sunlight and you will need to grow sun loving plants and vice versa – shade loving plants will be a good option for areas that get less sunlight. If you are not going to spend most of your day taking care of garden plants, it is better to do without exotics and opt for low maintenance species.

How to Design a Roof Garden on a Limited Space?

raised beds small roof garden ideas

It is quite possible to design a roof garden on a limited space! Think vertically! Try raised beds, vertical gardening and green walls. Wild grapes, ivy and other climbing plants will allow you to create an outdoor oasis even if you do not have a large roof. Bet on small sized garden furniture and add a few decorative elements and accessories – colorful pillows, a small rug and some lanterns for the ultimate retreat!


How to Design a Roof Garden Exterior Ideas

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