Landscaping with Broken Pots: Find Inspiring Ideas for Decorating Your Exterior!

by Anjelina

Every year, on the threshold of spring, we start looking for new ideas to decorate our exterior and bring it up to date. A very pleasant mission, which however has a tendency to cause a lot of headaches simply because we often end up renewing everything. Are you also prone to spending more than you originally planned? In that case, why not skip shopping and start a fun, budget-friendly project instead? We have the perfect solution for you! It’s about landscaping with broken pots. If this sounds interesting to you, check out the coolest ideas we have prepared for you!

Ideas for landscaping with broken pots

amazing ideas for landscaping with broken pots 2023

Think twice before you toss your broken terracotta pots into the trash! Let us give you a few amazing ideas on reusing them again by simply including them in your outdoor decor! Perhaps their new use will be even more impressive than before. All it takes is a little imagination to create a true work of art. Let us now inspire you with some great landscaping ideas to try in spring 2023!

Create a miniature garden in a broken pot

create a miniature garden in a broken pot


Turn a broken pot into a real work of art that will delight you every time you look at it and make you proud of your creative skills! Create a miniature garden by incorporating different plants (moss, succulents, cacti or other) and adding decorative elements (small houses, fences and even garden inhabitants). Involve your children in the creation of the miniature garden – they will surely love to participate in the process!

Example of how to arrange broken pieces

how to arrange broken pieces and create mini garden in a pot

Another beautiful and creative idea: A fallen pot

great backyard landscaping ideas a fallen pot

The fallen pot is another idea for landscaping with broken pots and including them in garden decoration. Simply place the pot in a reclining position and sow flowers that give the impression of coming out and “flowing” from it! Beautiful and creative, isn’t it? Everyone who visits your home will congratulate you on the idea!

Labels for your herbs and plants

broken pots turned into labels for your herbs and plants

Why throw away the little bits of broken terracotta pots when you can use them as labels for your spices and plants! We encourage you to do just that – you’ll find that your garden will look much tidier, and you’ll never wonder exactly what you’ve sown, plus you’ll find it quickly and easily!

Mosaic projects

mosaic project with small pieces of broken pots

Use the small pieces from the broken pots, paint them in different colors and think of a fun mosaic project. For example, you could decorate another planter or make a beautiful panel to hang somewhere in the backyard.

Faux bird nest

faux bird nest in a broken pot

Another creative idea you can decorate your garden with is to make a faux bird nest out of a broken pot. Simply place some greenery inside, find some decorative eggs, and if you have a bird figurine – even better! Unleash your imagination and create a real beauty that will make you, the kids and anyone who comes to visit smile every time you look at it!

Candle holder

candle holder easy creative idea to reuse broken pots

If one of your pots is broken, and quite a big part of it, you can turn it into a beautiful candle holder. This is another great way to reuse a broken pot. Try painting it with acrylics to make your DIY candle holder even more unique – just go over with a waterproof varnish at the end to preserve the colors. Place your favorite candles in the pot and you’re good to go! Actually, if you want, you can make at least a few candle holders and put them in different places in the garden to create a cozy atmosphere during the warm spring and summer evenings when you are together with your family!

Small tree decoration

Small tree decoration pot tied toa tree

If you have small broken pots, you can turn them into a great charming decoration and use them again for their intended purpose. Make wonderful little hanging plant holders by attaching the broken pots to a tree (wrap twine around the pot and tree a few times) or to a wall.

Benefits for other plants

using broken pots as a drainage system for other plants

Small ceramic pieces from broken clay pots can be used as a drainage system for many plants. They are placed at the bottom of а new pot instead of the rocks usually used. In this way, plants that are particularly sensitive to moisture grow strong and healthy.

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