Painted rocks – DIY budget friendly garden decoration ideas

by Kremy

Painted rocks DIY budget friendly garden decoration

Painted rocks are not only fun to make. This is a fantastic budget friendly garden decor. Decorating the garden is an activity that has become a favorite hobby for many people. There are hundreds, well, thousands, perhaps, of ideas and each one has its own charm. After all, this is a great opportunity to show your creativity, sense of humor and surround yourself with objects that can deliver joy and aesthetic pleasure.

DIY garden decor ideas rock art tips and tricks


Despite the numerous crafts ideas with plastic and other artificial materials, wood and stones were and remain leaders in garden decorating art. These two materials look especially good and organically blend in any design. We have showed you different ways to use stones in garden design, so today we will pay special attention to painting on rocks.

How to find suitable rocks? The best season to find the right material is during the summer. Those who have already tried their hand at painting rocks know why. In summer, many of us go to the sea, but do not choose beautiful and sandy beaches, but those places where there are pebbles. It is there, right under our feet, that material that we really need is literally lying around.

Painted rocks – original garden decor ideas

painted rocks garden decoration ideas stepping stones

Those of you who want to try and make their own garden decoration with painted rocks may wonder which are the suitable ones, what paints to buy, what to draw? We will help you with tips and ideas which you can try.

The best rocks for painting are with round or oval shape. Most often they are light, have a smooth surface and a flat base. If you come across an interesting rock, the form of which is not so simple, do not neglect it. It is enough to come up with an image that will correspond to this form, and will fit well on it. The flat base of the stone allows it to have a stable position on any surface. For a lawn, this quality is not so relevant, but if it is necessary to decorate smooth surfaces, then the flat shape of the rock is a must. Of course, depending on your idea, you can use porous rocks. For example, if painted in yellow, they will resemble pieces of cheese.

beautiful rocks mandala pattern decoration

What if you cannot find suitable rocks? If you had an idea, for example, to draw a lotus flower at different stages of its flowering, using cobblestones of different sizes, but there are no suitable stones, you can make them yourself from cement.

To do this, you need to prepare a container with an appropriate size, pour sand into it and wet it to keep its shape. Make a deepening in the sand of the shape that you would like to give to the future rock and line the indent with transparent polyethylene.

Mix the cement. If you want to get a stone of a certain color, you can add a pigment to the cement. Pour the cement into the prepared shapes, cover and add a layer of sand on top to avoid cracking. Wait until the cement hardens. After the cement has completely dried, proceed to its painting.

How to choose the paint for your DIY garden decorations?

How to choose the paint for your DIY garden decorations

Brushes and paints are important when you plan your painted rocks garden decorations. Maybe you have heard that acrylic paints are used to paint stones. Why acrylic and not watercolor or oil paint?

  • Acrylic paints are recommended for the following reasons:
  • They dry quickly and turn into an elastic coating that does not crack;
  • Acrylic paints cover the surface very well and are not absorbed;
  • The colors of these paints are extraordinary bright, they do not fade in the sun, do not become dull with time and are not washed off by water;
  • Acrylic coating is non-toxic and has no odor.
  • The film that acrylic paints form on the surface of the rock after drying is strong, resistant to mechanical stress and not susceptible to high humidity and temperature changes.

Which are the best brushes for your painted rock craft projects?

brushes for your painted rock craft projects

Usually brushes are sold in sets. For painting on rocks it is bet if you choose synthetic or nylon brushes are needed. You do not need to spend a fortune on brushes. The most important factor is choosing the right ones. What you need is a larger square edge tip to color big spaces, at least one medium size, and a few brushes with smaller tips.

Markers and pens are another great option for decorating rocks. You can get fine tip pens which are ideal for outlines or small details on your rocks. Chalk markers or chalk crayons are a great option for painting on rocks, especially when crafting with kids.

Sealant adds the finishing touch and you can choose either brush-on or a spray. Most people opt for a spray sealant as it does not smear the design. Depending on your personal preferences and of course, design, you can choose a matte, gloss, or satin option. Make sure that you checked the label. The sealant should be weather resistant and non-yellowing.

What can you paint on the rocks? Well, the answer is really brief – anything! Everything that you want can be painted on rocks. . In addition to popular frogs, ladybugs, flowers, foliage and fish, you can draw a collection of emoticons, faces, smiley faces, characters from fairy tales, cartoon characters, etc.

Where can you place your painted rocks?

lovely garden decoration ideas with painted rocks

You can be really creative and use your painted rocks in many different ways. You can arrange them near a pond, along pathways, around trees, in the game zone, etc. Have a look at the photos in the gallery for inspiration!


how to make painted rock cactus step by step

painted rocks ideas colorful snails original garden decor

painted owls on rocks original garden decor idea

original DIY garden decor ideas with rocks

lovely ladybugs from painted rocks as garden decoration

garden decoration with rocks fish and sea bottom

garden decoration with painted rocks ladybugs

garden decoration ideas painted rock craft projects

DIY painted rocks caterpillar garden decor on a budget

Creative rock art ideas frogs lotus flower koi carp

clay pots with painted cacti original rock art ideas

amazing painted rocks how to decorate your garden


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