Striking eclectic kitchen design ideas – how to mix styles successfully

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Striking eclectic kitchen design ideas how to mix styles successfully

Eclectic kitchen design ideas involve mixing two or more styles that work harmoniously with each other. As we explained in our article for the basic features of eclectic style, it seems that it is very easy to decorate a room, but in reality, interiors in that style are characterized by a careful selection of furniture, accessories and textiles.

Many people think that eclectic style cannot be considered an independent, distinctive style as it is a mix of finishes, accessories and color schemes that are characteristic of other styles. However, eclectic style kitchens provide an opportunity to experiment with colors, shapes, textures, materials. This is the most free of all known styles and you can see elements from classic and modern, vintage and ethnic, classic and rustic style harmoniously coexist within the framework of one room.

Why is eclectic style a great idea for a kitchen


Eclectic style in the interior of the kitchen is not based on a single rule but on a sense of proportion. The photos in the gallery will show you amazing interiors and you can look for inspiration! As we mentioned it is not so much about gathering a variety of furniture pieces and elements from different styles, it is about the method of blending oriental, ethno, modern, very simple and stylish furniture. The same applies to the color palette in interior design and to the combination of forms and materials.

Why is eclectic style a great idea for a kitchen?

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The eclectic style is incredibly interesting. Thanks to the freedom of choice interiors always looks fashionable, comfortable and attractive. There are surely many fans of eclectic style who love light, controlled chaos and unusual, bold environment. But at the same time, this type of interior decor is suitable for those who prefer conservative arrangements and muted colors. That is the real beauty of eclectic style – it can be adapted to every taste. You have almost unlimited possibilities for combining add-ons and elements from different styles, so everyone will surely find something that meets his personal taste and criteria. The eclectic style is the starting point for many contemporary interior design projects. Decorating a kitchen in this style gives you a ton of possibilities and a real pleasure from the design. For an eclectic style interior, design is never completely finished.

So, why is eclectic style a great idea for a kitchen? On the first place, because there are no restrictions on the parameters, shape and lighting of the room. Using a wide range of decor, furniture and accessories, you can create the most functional, practical and beautiful interior. The style allows you a freedom of expression. You can paint the walls, decorate them with special panels, tiles, plaster, choose any colors of furniture and textiles, buy any furniture.

exceptional kitchen interior designs in eclectic style

The combination of different styles cannot go out of fashion and allows emphasizing the bright individuality of the design. You can create an eclectic interior in a room without spending too much. While classic interiors require expensive natural wood furniture, high-tech – modern technology and unusual furnishings, eclectic decors allow you to use retro furniture purchased at a sale. Last but not least, an eclectic style kitchen interior loves contrasts, vibrant details, unusual accessories, and spectacular furniture.

The charm and essence of the eclectic style is that it does not have strictly defined rules. You can combine and mix any elements from different directions if they interact with each other and create an interesting combination. The most important principle is to maintain balance and harmony. Eclectic style is a real mosaic of various furniture, details and textures. You can, for example, put a large rustic table in a minimalist kitchen and fill it with Scandinavian style utensils, as long as the final result looks harmonious. The process requires a lot of attention and sensitivity to the perception of colors, textures and non-obvious combinations.

How to implement eclectic kitchen design ideas in modern homes?

how to decorate your kitchen in eclectic style

The decision to decorate a kitchen room in eclectic style requires careful study of details, because it is one of the most difficult styles in terms of execution. It is essential to maintain a proper balance so as not to get a tasteless interior. Due to the variety of colors, shapes and textures one can easily get confused. It is important to remember that eclectic style is always based on a classic or historical style. Of course, it does not mean that you cannot personalize your interior. You can choose one main design style and base the interior concept on it. This will make the choice of home decoration, accessories, kitchen utensils and furniture much easier.

The rule of three

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Experienced designers use no more than three different styles to create an eclectic interior. This helps to avoid clutter and achieve a stylish environment. The essence is simple – a harmonious atmosphere is created by combining the features of 3 styles. For example:

  • Classic, rustic and ethnic;
  • Arabic, Mediterranean and Provencal;
  • Vintage, Mediterranean and Industrial.

Additional styles can be Moroccan, Indian, Scandinavian, retro. As a rule, the main furniture and decor are European and classic.

A bold selection of colors

exceptional and original eclectic kitchen ideas

There are some rules when the color scheme for your eclectic kitchen interior design. It is color that is the unifying component of the entire interior. You can use both pastel and bright colors. When decorating a kitchen, designers recommend using no more than 4-5 colors. For the background, calm tones are used that do not distract attention. Neutral shades are ideal for painting walls and ceilings – white, beige, gray, and color accents are added using paintings, carpets, curtains and lighting.

If you like bright colors, then the eclectic approach will be difficult, but fascinating for you. Choosing kitchen cabinets, countertops, utensils and walls in contrasting colors can be quite difficult. Remember that if you choose more than 4-5 colors for the room, you will need some kind of interior element that combines them. Another successful approach is to use the colorful background and paint the walls in bright and unexpected colors, but then the furniture must be in neutral colors. Here are some ideas for successful color combinations of main and accent colors.

  • White and blue;
  • Beige with pink, burgundy;
  • Gray with ash shades;
  • Light blue with indigo;
  • Cream and brown;
  • Ivory with olive.

Repetitions and layering

basic rules of eclectic style in kitchen interior design

What does this means? You can take one shape and repeat it in different elements of the decor. For example, round table, round chairs, round carpets, round mirrors. The same can be done with color if you have one massive element in saturated color and then the same color is repeated in small details. Combining different textures like wood, marble, metal, stone, tile creates depth and complexity. The combination of silk textile and rough cloth, wicker chairs and a glass table – all this is widely used in an eclectic interior. Unusual textures and intricate ornaments are universally used by designers due to the fact that such components add visual interest to the interior and make you eyes study every detail.


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When choosing furniture for your eclectic kitchen design, you should pay attention to vintage and modern things. Their combination will be successful when there is unity of color and texture. A retro table and a bright modern armchair is one the most common combinations in an eclectic interior. To create a harmonious kitchen, place large items in the background and small items in the front. This will make the room visually larger.

Decorative elements and accessories

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The style is distinguished by an abundance of decorative elements and accessories. Paintings, carpets, pillows, candlesticks and mirrors – these are not all the elements that are used to design a kitchen in an eclectic style. You can complement the interior with any items as long as they harmoniously fit into the general concept of the room. Accessories should be selected in accordance with two principles – unity or contrast. Unity is achieved by common color palette or texture, and contrast, on the contrary, in the difference in all details. Great contrast examples are a classic chandelier combined with futuristic-style fixtures, a sofa with velour upholstery combined with leather poufs.

Small eclectic kitchen ideas

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For some, it may seem that the mismatch of eclectic style will not look good in a small room, but this is not true. Indeed, “eclectic” does not mean at all “a pile of useless junk”, and with the right approach, even a small kitchen can become the center point of the house. To achieve this effect, it is best to avoid bright colors and focus on small-sized furniture and universal cabinets, so that the small space looks more organized. Use bright colors as accents – an unusual yellow cupboard, bright red pots and pans or a colored refrigerator.

If it seems that the interior is not eclectic enough, you can always hang a mirror or a picture or add a strong visual accent with a carpet or area rug. If the kitchen cabinets are in one style, for example rustic, you can experiment with unusual fittings or stained glass on the upper cabinet doors.

Eclectic style in the interior of the kitchen choose colors and furniture

In conclusion, we have to remind you to remember that eclectic style is not a mix of elements from all the styles in the world. The design of an eclectic kitchen is usually based on accents, combinations of materials and ornaments, unusual lamps and decorative elements. Do not forget that the kitchen remains the place for food preparation so the materials should be practical, hygienic, safe and environmentally friendly.


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