Coastal themed bedroom – harmonious nautical interior design ideas

by Kremy

beautiful and peaceful bedroom design with beach style decor

We have selected some beautiful coastal themed bedroom designs to inspire you for the coming summer season. Marine style in interiors evoke pleasant memories of the summer and allow you to dream about travel and adventure. In addition, they are original and cozy, which is so important for the design of bedrooms where a person rests at the end of the day. A nautical style bedroom is always visually interesting and the marine theme of the decor gives freshness and coolness.

Marine style in the interior is a concept implying the use of thematic decor which includes different directions – nautical theme, classic, Mediterranean, beach theme, etc. This style is very atmospheric, because it is saturated with the romance of sea adventures and relaxation. The atmosphere is light, airy and comfortable and relaxing. This is a popular style for decorating boys’ rooms but has its place in master and guest bedrooms as well. However, when you decorate a bedroom for adults, excessive amount of marine elements is inappropriate. The goal is to create an atmosphere and mood and not to turn the room into a theatrical decoration.

color scheme beach style bedroom ideas home decor tips


Over the years, the marine style is changing and developing, but the main features remain – stripes, elements of ships, decorative elements like sea stars, sea shells, antique furniture, ropes, etc. A properly chosen color scheme will create a romantic atmosphere, relieve stress and give the homeowners peace of mind. This style is suitable for people who are very fond of immersing their feet in the sand and collecting sea treasures. When they return home from travel, they are happy to examine the acquired shells and pebbles. The individuality of the chosen style is emphasized by its following features:

  • color scheme;
  • materials;
  • wall decoration;
  • patterns;
  • furniture;
  • lighting;
  • accessories.

Coastal themed bedroom – basic elements of marine style interiors

beach themed bedroom design ideas coastal decor tips

Before decorating a coastal themed bedroom you should think what result you want to achieve. Some people are attracted to the more adventurous side and prefer nautical themed decors while others prefer to emphasize the beauty of the sea and recreate their own paradise island with white sand and turquoise water. The basic concept will determine the design, the choice of materials, colors, furniture and decorative elements. Let’s have a detailed look at the basic elements and characteristic features of marine style.

How to choose the color scheme for your coastal theme bedroom?

Accessories and decorative elements in coastal themed bedroom designs

Colors are very important as they create the overall mood and atmosphere and serve as a backdrop for furniture and accessories. Fans of bold experiments and extravagant colors will be disappointed as this style is all about nature, calmness and tranquility in life.

The color scheme of marine style is quite diverse and includes white, sand, emerald, turquoise, aquamarine, beige, olive, as well as blue and green tones. An important role is played by the colors associated with the coastline – shades of yellow, soft green and even shades of brown. As accent colors, you can use red, coral, orange, black, yellow. They symbolize different things – reef, colorful fish or signal lights, warning signs, etc.

Obviously, blue color immediately comes to mind in its various variations. Yes, this is a very popular color choice for coastal themed decors and features a variety of shades from light to dark blue. Deep blue, especially in combination with white, gray and brown, looks especially organic in a simple classic bedroom. A combination of blue with white or beige is universal. This option is great for a bedroom where a person is relaxing. You can use both more delicate shades like azure and muted blue or brighter ones like turquoise, aquamarine and blue-green. At the same time, light colors are given a priority so that the room looks fresh and airy

how to design and decorate a coastal themed bedroom

White in combination with various shades of blue is one of the most popular color combinations. It is associated with sea depth and ships, sea foam, sky and clouds.

For a coastal themed bedroom interior combinations of beige, white, light brown, pistachio, green shades are used. These natural colors represent nature and the elements. For a design that imitates a deck or cabin, more saturated shades like dark brown and gray are suitable. Combination of green with a brown and beige shade will remind of a ship deck.

The combination of sand with yellow and blue will resemble a beach, which is perfect for a marine interior style. Turquoise looks harmonious with delicate shades like white, sand and beige.

All of the above combinations are classic. The interior can be complemented with accents of silver, gold, coral, red, etc. but it is unacceptable to add unnatural neon tones to the marine style.

What are the most popular finishing materials for coastal themed interiors?

nautical bedroom ideas coastal decor fresh atmosphere

There is a wide variety of natural materials which can be used for coastal themed interiors and generally for nautical and marine style – wood, stone, pebbles, metal, ropes, jute, rattan, glass, terracotta, clay, etc.

basic elements of marine style interiors

To cover the floor use only natural materials – bleached boards, painted planks, laminate or wood that resemble the deck of a ship. Light wood shades, such as bamboo, maple or ash should be preferred. Depending on the particular theme you can use use ceramic tiles, for Mediterranean styled interiors, for example or area rugs.

beautiful airy bedroom design beach theme nautical decor

Walls can be decorated with decorative plaster with shells, painted or finished with wallpaper. Wallpaper can be in one solid color or with thematic drawings of ships, waves, fish, etc. Wallpaper made of jute and bamboo will create a natural coziness. Using photo wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to give your bedroom a special atmosphere. They are usually used to create an accent wall and can have any image that is somehow connected with the sea – ship decks, beaches, the underwater world, tropical trees, etc. For a sea bedroom in a rustic or cottage style, wall panels or wainscoting is suitable.

home design ideas coastal themed bedroom stripes

The typical and most popular patterns and ornaments in marine style, respectively for coastal themed interior designs are, of course, stripes. Stripes can be wide, narrow or barely noticeable. The advantage is that horizontal lines visually expand the room and vertical lines increases the height of the ceilings. Curtains, bedspreads, sofa cushions, furniture upholstery can be decorated with this pattern. Usually stripes are in white and blue, but any combination is possible. This geometric pattern complements greatly the chosen design theme.

Along with them, designers use zigzag patterns. Herringbone and chevron patterns are also traditionally associated with the marine theme. In addition to stripes and zigzags, various wavy patterns and floral ornaments with tropical motifs are used to design coastal themed bedrooms.


white and blue colors in nautical themed bedroom design

A successful marine atmosphere rests largely on decor and textiles. It is not difficult to guess that natural fabrics like cotton jute, sisal or linen are required. Handmade carpets of cotton or sisal with calm shades are welcome. Do not forget about the curtains. White, from dense coarse cotton or chintz will be just right. To fill the bedroom with a feeling of airiness, tulle and organza in delicate light shades are a great window treatment. You can hide from the sun with the help of cotton and linen curtains. Natural fabrics should prevail in all interior details – in bedspreads, plaids, linen, pillows, upholstery, etc.

Coastal themed bedroom ideas – how to choose the furniture?

How to choose the color scheme for your coastal theme bedroom

The choice of furniture, as well as materials, should be determined by your general concept for the style. If this is a modern classic, you should prefer solid wood furniture – dark or, preferably, painted in bright colors. Light furniture is suitable for Mediterranean bedroom decors. For interiors in rustic and cottage style, artificially aged furniture is a great choice. Wicker and bamboo pieces of furniture – natural or painted, will be appropriate in beach styled decors. Generally, marine style allows both bulky objects, for example large wooden chests and small pieces. Old suitcases, chests and even drawers can take on the furniture function.

Tips and tricks for proper bedroom lighting

Coastal themed bedroom beach decor interior design ideas

One of the main elements in every interior is light. For nautical, marine, beach or coastal styled interiors the abundance of light in the room is essential. It is reminiscent of the pleasant time att he sea under the rays of the bright sun. That is why you should use more white objects that reflect sunlight. Large windows and glass doors provide a lot of natural light. Artificial light is provided by a variety of fixtures. You can combine ceiling lights, wall sconces, table and floor lamps and choose from the huge variety of designs offered on the market. To add a romantic touch, lanterns of all kinds can be used.

Accessories and decorative elements in coastal themed bedroom designs

beach style bedroom decoration coastal theme

When designing your coastal themed bedroom sense of proportion is important. Yes, accessories and details complement and complete the design concept, but you need to be careful not to overdo it. Try to keep the decor in accordance with the chosen theme. What decorative elements are most common?

  • Posters and paintings with images of marine subjects;
  • Shells, corals and other finds – these will help create an interesting composition that will decorate a window sill or chest of drawers.;
  • Souvenirs and figures like boats, lighthouses, fish, dolphins, etc.;
  • Braided ropes and knotted ropes are strong accents. They can act as a cord to a lamp, curtain holders, as well as as a material for the mirror frame;
  • Oars and anchors;
  • Table lamps with a coral or rope base. Lanterns with candles placed on cabinets and chests of drawers create a warm, soft light and a mysterious atmosphere;
  • Mirrors;

Coastal themed bedroom harmonious nautical interior design ideas

  • An elegant compass or barometer in a polished wood case is a great addition to create an interior;
  • Model of a boat of any size. It can be a miniature sailboat on the desk or a larger boat in the corner of the room;
  • A clock in the form of a helm placed on a wall or on a small nightstand;
  • A globe or any map will perfectly fit into the style;
  • Decorative stone or pebbles;
  • A photo frame decorated with shells;
  • Lifebuoy or fishing nets;
  • It is best to decorate the room with fresh flowers with large leaves and buds in delicate colors.

Common mistakes to avoid when decorating in coastal style

bedroom color scheme ideas blue and white nautical decor

As we have said many times before, a successful design requires some knowledge. The lack of experience may lead to mistakes that will negatively affect the appearance of the room.

Do not use a very dark blue color if light is insufficient it will look black. If you want to use a blue tone in a poorly lit room, you should combine it with bright shades.

It is recommended to avoid replacing blue with black. Some people create black and white accents to make the design more modern. This experiment is not suitable for marine style and coastal theme.

Coastal themed bedroom ideas how to choose the furniture

Do not paint all the walls in dark blue, otherwise the room will look too dark and even a white floor and light furniture will not correct this error.

Black furniture should be avoided because it will add darkness to the room.

Avoid artificial materials like plastic. Marine style does not accept fakes. It’s better if there is very little furniture pieces and accessories, but make sure they are made of natural wood or wicker.

amazing coastal decor in bedroom pastel blue and white color scheme

Many people are interested in the question, is it possible to design all the rooms in a marine style? It all depends on the choice of the color palette of materials, furniture and accessories. Marine themed interiors have many advantages and disadvantages. The rooms look airy and fresh and the atmosphere is calm and relaxing. The natural materials, which are typical for the style, are safe for health and pleasant to the eye and touch. Light is important when you want to create a harmonious interior. Mirrors and reflective surfaces located opposite the window will increase light which is a great design technique for rooms that do not have large windows. Marine style and coastal decor require open space and the absence of excess items. When combining natural materials, it is better to create a little contrast. For example, rattan wicker chairs can be complemented by glass accessories – vases or bottles. Having in mind the most important basic features of marine style interiors, you can create a cozy corner in your home, reminiscent of a vacation by the sea.



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