World map wall decorating ideas – 50 interior designs in different styles

by Kremy

how to choose the type of map for wall decorating

Despite the fact that many people think that world map wall decorating ideas is a new trend, the tradition of placing various cards on the walls of the room dates back from the times when people began drawing them.

Even nowadays, many are used to think that a map of the world is an accessory for classrooms or libraries. The truth is that modern times gave us development in printing technology and geographical maps made of paper or other modern materials can be used in any room of the home. We will show you some exceptional interiors where the world map is an accent wall, a focal point of the design and in addition, we shall give you some useful tips how to incorporate this type of wall decor in different styles.

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Geographic map pattern in the interior performs several functions. On the first place this is a strong decorative element which immediately attracts attention. A large map photo wallpaper can be used to hide minor defects on the wall. A map on the wall has an extremely positive effect. People remember the places they traveled to, interesting facts about different countries, places they dream to visit, etc. The educational effect should not be ignored either. When looking at a map children and adults remember the location of countries, cities, rivers, seas and oceans.

world map in interior design industrial style living room

This type of wall decoration can help to visually enlarge a room, for example, a world map in the form of two hemispheres visually expands the space.

By focusing the eye on a particular wall you will divert attention from one that does not look very attractive.

By placing a world map on the wall near the desk you highlight the working area of the room. This option of zoning the space is good in children’s rooms.

Last but not least, world maps come in a wide variety and you can choose one that works harmoniously with your style of interior design. Further to that, decorating the wall with a geographic map is an easy DIY project and you will have a beautiful and original decor for many years!

World map wall decorating ideas – how to choose the type of map?

loft style decor ideas gray living room large world map wall decor

When you look at the photos that we selected for world map wall decorating ideas you shall notice that there is a huge variety of models and you can choose a suitable option for almost any interior. Photo wallpapers are the most popular way to create an accent wall, but there are exceptional 3D options, wall murals as well as stylized designs in minimalist style.

ancient world map photo wallpaper bedroom decor

World maps can be depicted as antique or modern maps. Antique maps are hugely attractive because they indicate trade routes, travel routes of various expeditions, the old names of cities, etc. They will always be very popular and attractive to people with adventurous nature. Usually these are photographs of rare and old maps that were compiled by sailors. Many people are very fond of maps from the time of Great Geographical Discoveries. These maps look very noble and add grandeur to the room in which they are located. Usually the maps are made in green, blue or light brown and beige shades. Such decor will be a great addition in classical interiors of living rooms, bedrooms, home offices, libraries, etc.

Navigational maps of seas, ocean, coast, city, country i.e. they do not fully show the entire globe. These show a particular territory and may show your favorite places or native land that you miss. Maps of seas are a great addition to rooms decorated in nautical theme.

living room design and decoration grey sofa old crates map of the world wallpaper

Political maps of the world are very popular among young people and they are usually painted in different colors, which indicate a particular country. In this case the map may look like two hemispheres or a large image of the continents. These are perfect for children, living rooms, kitchens.

Hybrid maps combine various geographical information and may also have original scripts, interesting facts, and drawings. For example, such maps may combine modern political fragments with ancient ones and show the sizes and locations of ancient countries, their time of existence and famous rulers, etc.

colorful abstract world map wallpaper

There are images of maps photographed from a satellite which are usually custom-made. They do not provide a lot of information but look very impressive.

There are abstract maps depicting real continents and islands, but filled with colorful geometric shapes. Such maps are more of a decorative design element in a special interior.

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Whether you choose an ancient or super-modern map, an exact geographical or political one or a fantasy option will depend on what result you want to achieve. The basic rule is that there should not be many other decorative elements to distract the attention. The world map should be the main accent and the surrounding environment should be a calm background for it. If you place a map that covers a wall partially, then the rest of the walls should be painted with neutral light shades, for example, beige, olive, white. Avoid multicolored maps in small rooms. Choose a more muted palette for the map as this will help you increase the room visually. Try to use the colors that are used in upholstery, curtains and other decorative elements and accessories of your interior.

Where and how can you place a world map in your home?

wall mural world map living room accent wall

There are many ways to use geographic maps in the interior, and any of these ideas can be implemented by anyone. It is obvious that most people prefer to decorate a wall as this is the easiest way. As we mentioned above, the type of map will depend on the overall interior design concept. For example, in a room decorated in colonial style an ancient map will look great while for a Japanese style decor you may choose a minimalistic map with just outlines of the country. Some people opt for maps of cities, railway lines and even the tube – it all depends on the personal preferences and the atmosphere that you want to create at home. Photo wallpapers are widely popular as they are offered in different prints and styles. In case you do not want to use photo wallpaper you can frame a large map. A beautiful solid wood frame will add to the overall impression.

children room white furniture oval area rug map of the world wall decor

Which wall to decorate? Well, most designers prefer using photo wallpaper to highlight the main subject in the room – a bed in the bedroom, a sofa in the living room or a bookcase in the study. You can even create an accent wall in the bathroom, but keep in mind that you shall need waterproof wallpaper. When using a world map as a wall decoration it will be a good idea to add supportive details to enhance its look and blend it harmoniously into the overall style of the room. In simple words, this means that if you decorate a room in African style you need to add some vases, decorative pillows, textiles with ethnic patterns or small statuettes in the same style so that the elements complement each other.

unique world map wall decorating ideas

We have to mention that if you cannot use maps as wall decoration you can use them on the ceiling, as floor decor or introduce them as furniture decoration and accessories. The most common and easy way is to use a carpet with a print of a world map, for example, in a children’s room or living room. Maps in the interior may be present as curtains or blinds on the windows. An interesting effect can be achieved if you decorate furniture with images of geographical maps. The decoupage technique that many people love, allows you to give a new look to your cabinet doors, chest of drawers or headboard.

unique world map lamp shade home accessories ideas

If you do not want to decorate large surfaces with geographical maps but you are not a stranger to travel adventures home accessories will add the touch of free spirit. Lampshades that mimic geographical maps have become hugely popular and you can buy one or craft it yourself as a DIY project during the weekend. Those who are skilled at crafting can transform a globe into a lamp by mounting a bulb inside it.

wall murals animal world map

As you can see you can use geographical maps in the interior not only in any room but also in every detail. All you need to do is improvise and create your own geographic style.

World map wall decorating ideas – interior design ideas for every room

World map wall decorating ideas in child room

Let us see how you can take advantage of the most original world map wall decorating ideas in the different rooms of the home. Decorating the nursery or kid’s room with a map is quite popular and this type of decor is suitable not only for marine and nautical themed designs. The map is not just a decorative element but an educational tool. A modern large geographical or political map of the world will allow the child to examine the location of the continents, their shape and size, etc. A map of the world on a wall can become an entertaining game – you say the name of a city, a country, rivers, seas, and your child finds these objects on the map. The map can be the starting point of a travel with children in a fantasy world and you can tell them about different countries and interesting places on the Earth.You can find different maps and choose one which is appropriate for the age of the child. There are maps that show where animals live, maps with the World’s greatest wonders, etc.

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World map in living room can be an intriguing decoration. Obviously, fantasy drawings that are suitable for kids’ rooms are not suitable for the living room. Luckily, there is a vast choice of options to choose from depending on the interior style. From realistic modern maps to antique reproductions and paintings with abstract images in different colors – it is up to you to choose the type of map for your living room wall decor. Most often the map is placed on the wall behind the sofa but you can choose any other wall in accordance with your personal preferences and the effect that you want to create.

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Placing a world map in the kitchen or dining room can be a bit more challenging due to the fact that the walls in the kitchen are usually occupied by cabinets and household appliances. However, it is not impossible to do it but this will depend on the size, shape and layout of the room.

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When decorating a bedroom, the map is usually placed on the wall behind the headboard. This wall is usually the focal point in the room so there are many techniques to turn it into a real accent.

original bath curtains antique map image

A bathroom decorated in a marine style will be complemented by maps of great geographical discoveries. Such maps can be used both as wall decoration – wallpaper or tile and as decorative elements like curtains for the bath or posters.

The home office or study is another place where world maps can be a great decoration.

Teen bedroom design and decoration ideas world map wallpaper

As you can see, a wide variety of photo wallpapers with maps allows them to be used in any room, and if such wall decor in the nursery has a more educational nature, in the living room or bedroom it will have a more decorative character. Look at the photo gallery below and see these inspiring interior designs and world map wall decoration ideas!


World map wall decorating ideas interior design for every room in the house

World map wall decorating ideas for every room

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