Drawing room design ideas – classic and modern interiors

by Kremy

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We will show you fascinating drawing room design ideas with classic and modern interiors, we shall see what is the difference between a drawing room and a living room and will give you some useful tips for the decoration of such a room in your own house.

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By definition a drawing room is a room where guests were entertained after dinner and the name actually comes from “withdrawing room”. The room was used by the owner of the house or his wife and had a strictly formal function. Later, it was used by the ladies, who withdrew after dinner leaving men at the table. After a while the gentlemen joined the ladies there.

Drawing room design ideas – What is the difference between a drawing room and a living room?

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When we talk about drawing room design ideas, we can explain the difference – that room was not used by the family members to gather and spend time together. It was only used as a formal room for receiving and entertaining visitors and guests. Nowadays the terms “living room” and “drawing room” are used interchangeably although they have different functions. With the growth of urban population and limited living space, very often a modern living room is used as a drawing room. Large houses, of course, could have separate rooms for family gatherings and receiving visitors and if you have enough space, you could spare a room which will present your taste, lifestyle and use it on dinner party occasions.

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Another way to distinguish the difference between these two, also called “sitting room” is the location. A drawing room is situated near the entrance of the house, in proximity to the front door, so that guests would not have to pass through other rooms. The typical location of the living room is at the center of the house.

Drawing room design ideas – furniture, design and decoration tips

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Whether you have a separate drawing room or you plan to furnish your living room and use it to receive and entertain guests, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Remember that this is the first impression that your guests get for your house, respectively – for you, and the room has to present you in the best possible way. It is not a place for watching TV, it is a formal, elegant and sophisticated place with a different function. Drawing room design ideas and interior decor include all the elements, typical for the design of any other room. You need to determine the style, color scheme, finishes, furniture, lighting, etc. It is logical that when your house interior is designed in contemporary style, your room has to be in harmony with the overall design concept. A Victorian style drawing room will certainly look out of place (and time) in a modern home. Keep in mind that this room is a formal space and keep the decor simple and functional.

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Choosing the color scheme is important as the color sets the mood and experts advise to opt for neutral or earthy colors as they create a calm and welcoming atmosphere. Neutral colors are the ideal backdrop for the furniture, wall art and wall decorations as well. Bright and bold colors or contrast color combinations can be used in case the room is large enough and you want to create a contemporary interior. Think of the ceiling design, the finishes and trims as these details reflect your personality and good taste. Wallpaper will add texture to the interior and is a good choice when you want to have a classic design. The flooring should be carefully chosen as well with respect to the fact that this is a formal and public place. Hardwood floors in neutral colors with beautiful area rugs are a good option, but depending on the overall design, you could choose ceramic tile, marble tile or other type of flooring.

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Furniture has to provide enough space so that visitors are comfortably seated. Sofas, tables and chairs need to be placed in a way to ease conversations. In a large room you can arrange separate areas but remember that the furniture pieces have to be placed so that people seating on the sofa or chairs are facing each other. It is best to avoid placing the seating furniture along the walls. It is better to group different pieces together to make communication and conversations easier. Avoid placing a TV unless you use your living room to perform the function of a drawing room. In such case, make sure the TV is off and your guests could talk to each other without the interference of electronic media devise.

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The lighting is another key element of the design and helps to create a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere and set the mood. The options are practically unlimited – pendant lights, wall sconces, a massive chandelier, table or floor lamps in any style – classic or modern – which works with the interior of the room.

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Create a focal point in the room. Usually this is the fireplace complemented with a beautiful mantel. In case you haven’t got a fireplace, the focal point could be a work of art – a painting or a sculpture.

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Fabrics and textiles are another element which contributes to the appearance and atmosphere of the room. Elegant window curtains and draperies add to the elegance and complete the harmonious look of the drawing room.

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Accessories and decorations will give the individuality and character of your drawing room. Wall art, paintings, collections, a couple of photos will personalize the drawing room. Choose the accessories so that they work in harmony with the design concept and reflect your style.

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