Vintage lighting ideas and awesome vintage interior designs

by Kremy

Vintage lighting ideas vintage interior design industrial style

Vintage lighting ideas are widely used to create a cozy atmosphere in the room and vintage light fixtures can be seen in many Industrial style interiors, Shabby chic or mid-century modern designs as well as in some traditional interiors. Vintage light fixtures recreate the atmosphere of old times and depending on the design concept you can use beautiful hand painted table lamps, iconic chandelier designs like Sputnik, industrial floor lamps or pendant lighting which will enhance the theme of the interior. Vintage lighting can be used both indoors and outdoors – there are unlimited options – but either way, lighting is one of the main design tools to set the ambience and atmosphere in any room.


Vintage lighting ideas in loft style and vintage interior designs


vintage decor dining living room vintage lighting ideas vintage light fixtures


Even nowadays vintage lighting ideas are very popular for interiors in Loft style. The style originated back in the 40s of the twentieth century in New York when factory premises were transformed into residential and office areas. Initially, the inhabitants of the lofts were mainly bohemians and used the existing loft lighting fixtures as available the huge space of former factories. Later on, when lofts became fashionable among wealthier occupants, the style gained popularity and is often used in modern apartments featuring the elements for the style – open floor plan, masonry walls, exposed beams and pipes, and of course lighting fixtures, typical for the style. Such lighting fixtures are characterized with a simple design, functionality as they were created to illuminate a particular working area.

Vintage lighting ideas reading corner floor lamp industrial style

Another type of vintage light fixtures features the designs from the 30-50 years of the twentieth century. Vintage lamps are used as room decorations and cherished as a valuable heritage. Many of those lamps have a great visual appeal – crystal pendants, fabric lampshades, wrought iron chandeliers, hand painted unique lamps. Often they provide less lighting than modern lamps, but create a fantastic and charming atmosphere.


Vintage lighting ideas – how to use vintage light fixtures in the interior


vintage lighting ideas vintage decor ideas crystal chandelier

Light in vintage interior should be very warm and not too bright. It is best if you combine several light sources.

 lighting ideas loft style open plan concept kitchen living room

Vintage lighting ideas may differ depending on the style of the interior. Loft style interior designs will benefit from industrial light fixtures and will complement leather seating furniture, natural wood furniture pieces, exposed pipes and brick walls. Edison bulb chandeliers and light fixtures are especially suitable and add to the character of the room. If you want to create a visual contrast – a crystal chandelier or an oversized pendant lamp will do the trick.

shabby chic floor lamp glass stand bedroom decor shabby chic lamps

With shabby chic interiors, lighting fixtures represent the romantic and nostalgic character and feel. Floral lamp shades, decorated with lace or pearls, beautiful floor lamps, candelabras and wall sconces, decorated with beads and crystals, exquisite chandeliers – these would be suitable for a shabby chic design and will complement the vintage furniture pieces.


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Vintage interior designs light fixtures pendant lamps

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