Vintage carpets – great ideas how to use them in modern interiors

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vintage rug and furniture in contemporary interior design

Vintage carpets are unique and they can be fit into an interior in almost any style. These fantastic rugs have a special place in classical and modern interiors. Vintage accents in contemporary interiors are gaining an increasing popularity. You do not need to decorate the entire interior with antique objects, old furniture and so on, it is enough to add a few well chosen accents.

The carpet is the soul of the room. When harmoniously blended into the decor of the room, it can make it really cozy and add to the mood and atmosphere. Nowadays carpets are not the most popular flooring option as they once were yet they still have a special place as an element of interior design.

Originally, carpets were meant for warming walls and floors. Persia is the homeland of carpets and even today Persian carpets are famous for their high quality. Since ancient times carpets had specific patterns, motifs and images, characteristic for each region and an expert will unmistakably distinguish a Turkish carpet from a Moroccan or Persian. Behind every pattern woven on the carpet is a thousand-year history of the people who created it. The symbolism of carpets can be studied indefinitely but we shall focus your attention on amazing interiors that combine old and new in a variety of styles.

How to use vintage carpets in modern interiors?

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Carpets bring warmth and comfort, and due to their diversity, they perfectly fit into any modern interior. Vintage style gets its name from the French word “vintage”, which in translation means aged. This term originally referred exclusively to collectible wines, whose taste over time becomes more and more noble. By analogy with wine making, vintage style uses antiques or artificially aged objects embodying a bygone era. So, what carpets can be classified as vintage?

On the first place, these could be new carpets that are artificially aged by using technologies for erasing ornaments and blurring of colors.

An ancient hand-made carpet, which is more than 40 years old, can be called vintage. However, this does not mean a shabby, unnecessary rug, but a well-preserved work of art bearing the history and soul of past generations.

Hand woven carpets with authentic antique ornaments, which are practically not used in modern weaving can be also used to give you a vintage accent in the interior design.

The manufacturing technology of aged carpets has its own characteristics. Usually, this type of carpet is made of natural wool and high-quality polypropylene fiber. Even before the beginning of carpet weaving, the wool is specially processed and also dyeа, which creates the effect of the old faded carpet. All these manipulations do not affect the final quality of the product and the carpet turns out to be of high quality, practical and durable. Aged carpets often have low pile and the material is treated to the appearance of fungus and mold.

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Carpets can be the element that unites the interior into one whole or it can be a bright accent, it all depends on how you use the them. Stylists and designers create amazingly interesting modern interiors where vintage carpets add color, simplicity and exceptional charm. With the help of a carpet you can visually expand the room. Choose the right size, so that there is at least half a meter of free space to the walls. Placed in the center of the room, a large carpet with a bright distinct pattern will become an immediate focal point. A vintage rug performs not only a decorative function, but also can divide the space into functional zones. For example, separate the working area in the kitchen from the dining room.

How to use vintage carpets in modern interiors? Sometimes the most unexpected combinations lead to an excellent result. These rugs are universal and will not lose their appeal over the years. Buying a vintage carpet will be an excellent choice and you can use it for modern interiors in a minimalist style, Hi-Tech style, Scandinavian interior, Industrial, Eclectic, French country, etc. For example, these carpets are irreplaceable for designs in eclectic style or Boho chic style, which allow you to mix anything, creating original interiors. If you are a fan of Scandinavian style you can combine vintage items with ultramodern fashionable furniture. These rugs are the perfect choice for industrial style interiors where the combination of rough brick, concrete walls and warm cozy good quality carpet creates a unique atmosphere.

Do not be afraid to experiment with materials, colors and styles! The main thing is to focus on one thing: either on the carpet, then the rest of the room should look as neutral as possible, or on other design items, then the carpet should be neutral.


Practical tips and ideas how to choose the best vintage carpets for your home

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Despite the variety of options that the market offers, the choice is not always simple. After all, the carpet in modern interiors not only has an inuslating or thermal function, but is also a part of the overall design concept of the home. We shall give you some useful tips and hints which will help you choose the best vintage carpets for your home.

How to choose the color of the carpet? According to designers, you need to begin with the size and after that select the color. For large rooms or open plan spaces it is best to choose a large carpet with a central medallion and for a small room, on the contrary, a carpet with a small ornaments. In the past carpets were painted with natural dyes, obtained from plants, insects and minerals. These dyes are very resistant, and when mixed, a rich palette of shades is obtained. Overdyed rugs became hugely popular and you may like them a lot but when you choose an ancient rug for your home you need to make sure that your vintage carpet is in harmony with the wall finish – wallpaper, plaster, paint – furniture, curtains, flooring, and if you want to be on the safe side, choose a neutral color scheme that works with most interiors – beige, pastel, cream, coffee, brown and their shades. The same applies for the motifs and patterns. It is better to choose unobtrusive ornament or patterns. One consideration that you need to keep in mind is the lighting in the room. Overdyed rugs may have a different color shade and saturation depending on the light and the viewing angle.

antique overdyed rug in purple in modern living room wood flooring

One of the classic designers’ techniques is to either create a contrast or blend the colors. A contrasting rug stands out against a neutral background. For example, a dark overdyed carpet will be a good choice for a white interior and vice versa – light carpets contrast with dark walls and furniture.

Blending the carpet into the interior – this means that it practically merges in the room and looks as an integral part of it. You need to choose a rug that is closest to the color scheme of the room, especially the floor. If you choose this option, it is best if you opt for a slightly darker color for the rug that the one of the walls and / or curtains. However, you need to be certain that this option will suit you as there is a chance that the room may have a monotonous appearance. You can create a contrast with the color of the furniture. For example, a white carpet in the interior emphasizes the black sofa and armchairs while a rich red carpet will contrast with light colored wood flooring. Small sized carpets can be combined in color with accessories or decorative pieces, which are near them – floor lamps, paintings, sculptures.

Vintage carpets can be used in any room of the house. Most often people choose to place one in the living room as this is the most representative area and should be decorated with impeccable taste. The rugs may repeat the shape of the table and be small in size or cover the main floor area. Vintage silk or wool carpets are a good choice for the bedroom and besides the fact that they will protect your bare feet, they will add a lot of charm and sophistication to the decor. Of course, you can place a vintage rug in the home office, the entrance hall or the corridor, even in the bathroom.

In conclusion we can say that a vintage carpet is an exquisite decorative element for both modern and classic interiors. The market offers a great variety of shapes, textures and colors and each homeowner can find the one that complements the interior of him home.


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