Oushak rugs – the beauty of the Orient in home interior design

by Kremy

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Oushak rugs are called after the name of a Turkish town, located south of Istanbul, which was the center of production. The carpets date back to the 15th century and their incredible old world charm is highly valued by designers.

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A typical feature of antique Oushak rugs is that they are more loosely woven than Persian carpets and bring glamour and warmth to any room. They are considered to be one of the finest works of art and the authentic designs feature star and medallion patterns which are believed to have originated in the town of Oushak. Later on floral and vine patterns appeared and the carpets became bigger in size to fit a room.


Oushak rugs – colors and ideas how to use them in different design styles


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Antique Oushak rugs featured soft earthy colors like cinnamon, coral, aqua, terracotta shades, gold, blue hues, greens, ivory, gray. Later on with the appearance of floral patterns a soft red color was introduced as a base. Rich and bold colors are not a typical feature. In general they are in the neutral color palette which makes them a perfect addition to any room.

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The rugs look perfectly in contemporary, Sndanavian or Craftsman style interior designs and complement the home design concept whether formal or informal. Antique rugs are hand woven from the finest quality wool and have an immense appeal and aesthetic value. With an Oushak rug you can create a spectacular blend of old and modern and that is one of the main reasons why Oushak rugs are so popular. Oushak carpets are design friendly not only for the warmth and depth that they add to the interior but because they work with many fabrics and offer various design opportunities. The subdued colors  can be combined with different interior color schemes and interior styles.


How to choose Oushak rugs – considerations and buyer’s tips


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Despite the fact that Oushak rugs originate from turkey, nowadays they are produced in India so you should always check the country of origin. Usually those manufactured in India have a lower price tag than the ones manufactured in Turkey. An authentic rug is much more likely to retain its appearance and its value will grow with time, so experts advise to invest in a real rug manufactured in Turkey.

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The quality of wood, the dye and the craftsmanship are other important factors. Natural dyes are preferred but this means that the colors of the rug will not be as intense. The rugs are hand woven and the tradition has been passed from one generation to the next for centuries. Experts would check the knot density, the structure of the rug as they can differ depending on the quality and density of wool. It is highly recommended that you shop for Oushak rugs form a reputable seller which will guarantee that you get the best quality.


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