Wool carpet ideas – the advantages of choosing natural materials

by Kremy

wool carpet ideas contemporary home decor ideas

A wool carpet was considered to be very old fashioned until recently. However, there is a strong trend of a growing demand for the last few years. We shall see the benefits that the material provides to homeowners and will give you some cleaning tips.

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The carpet is not just a floor covering, it is an element of the interior design which creates a special atmosphere and comfort. A carpet can perform a number of functions – it can be used to define the different zones and functional areas in an open plan living space, it can emphasize the color scheme, it can be the color accent in a room, and it can hide some imperfections, if you wish.

Wool carpet ideas – how to choose the right model?

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A carpet gives the room a warm and cozy look, emphasizes the style and individuality. When we talk about wool carpet ideas and home accessories, we have to give you some useful tips how to choose the right model for your room.

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One of the most important rules when choosing a carpet is to furnish the room, measure the available space and after that shop for a carpet. In case you buy a carpet beforehand, you may end up with a too big or a too small size and your  carpet will look awkward in the room. On the other hand, once the room is fully furnished you will be able to see what color or colors you need. You can blend the carpet in the overall design and choose a model matching the color scheme of the room or choose a bold contrasting color if you want to use the carpet to add a special accent to the decor.

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The style of your carpet should match the overall interior style. When the room is furnished in a traditional style an ultra modern carpet will look out of place. Changing the carpet is the easiest way to refresh the familiar surroundings of your home. With a beautiful, high quality design you can give a whole new look to the home without a major remodel.

Wool carpet ideas – use the advantages of natural materials

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Wool carpet ideas meet the highest quality standards and are very popular among customers who value the environmental decor. Choosing it will offer many benefits and it is always a better idea to use natural materials and not synthetics. One of the major advantages that wool carpets have to offer is that they will last for decades. Wool carpets will keep the floor warm and are very pleasant to barefoot and good choice for bedrooms, children’s rooms and playrooms.

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Wool  absorb moisture and toxins from the air and have great antistatic and antiallergenic properties and that makes them the perfect choice for people who are sensitive and susceptible to allergies. Wool has fire retardant properties and will not melt like synthetic products neither will give off toxic fumes.

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The insulation properties of wool carpets are probably the biggest compared to any other alternatives. You home will be much warmer and you will save on energy costs.

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Wool carpets are resistant to abrasion and hardly suffer any mechanical damages. Furniture legs will not ruin the surface of the carpet. High quality carpets will not fade and lose their colors with time.

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In terms of design wool carpets come in numerous colors, sizes and shapes – from rectangular to round and original designers models with great originality and high quality. Ethnic motifs, neutral colors, bold striking patterns – the choice is unlimited. Although the price range of wool carpets is higher it is a worthy investment for any home as the higher price tag offers a much better quality.

Wool carpet cleaning and maintenance – useful tips and ideas for a perfect look

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The carpets are among the first things you notice in a home and it is important to take care of them on a regular basis. The dust that accumulates on carpets should be cleaned regularly because it is one of the major allergens. The ability of the carpet to capture dust from the air and keep it capsuled largely purifies the air indoors, but this means that wool carpet cleaning and maintenance begins with a vacuum cleaning at least once a week. It is advisable to a use soft brush which is more protective to the carpet surface.

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Liquids like coffee or fruit juices may stain wool carpets. Wipe the liquid as soon as possible and use a special stain remover for carpets or soft wool detergent without acid, mixed with warm water. Use paper towels or a soft clean cloth to remove excess moisture. Use your fingers to smooth the carpet to restore the upper layer and allow it to dry completely.

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Wool carpets and rugs can be cleaned with a sponge soaked in a soap solution. After you clean the stain, wipe with a sponge dipped in denatured alcohol or ethyl. To refresh the color of a wool carpet you can use a solution of water and a tablespoon of vinegar. This will make the colors brighter and more vivid.

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When properly maintained wool carpets will require deep cleaning once every few years. You can use spray foam shampoo to clean the surface but remember that wool keeps much water and it’s a real challenge when you get to dry the carpet. It is much better to use professional assistance of competent experts.

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