How to choose rain gutters – comparison and review of materials

by Kremy

How to choose rain gutters aluminum gutter water drainage

Many homeowners who build a new house wonder how to choose rain gutters. The same question may bother you if you plan to replace your old ones with something new. Gutters come in different sizes and shapes, which are called profiles. The most popular materials for residential use are aluminum, steel, zinc, vinyl, or copper. We shall give you a review on each type of material to ease you in your search.


How to choose rain gutters – metal pipes

cast iron gutter system gutter materials pros cons


Metal is the most common material for residential duct-work and most often come as an answer to the question how to choose rain gutters? However there are different types of metal and you should make a careful choice.

How to choose rain gutters galvanized steel gutters

Galvanized steel pipes are quite durable. Their lifespan goes to fifteen years and the price of steel gutters is quite bearable. However, they are susceptible to rust and require painting every couple of years.

How to choose rain gutters aluminum gutters

Aluminum rain gutters last longer than steel ones despite the fact that they are not as strong. Aluminum is a good alternative to steel and pipes come in many different colors and finishes. Again, they will require a periodic painting if you want them to serve you for many years.

How to choose rain gutters copper gutter

Copper gutters are an expensive alternative but they look amazingly beautiful. Many people think that copper is the most handsome material for rain pipes, because copper doesn’t require any finish as it has a natural patina which changes with age.

copper rain gutters benefits house renovation ideas

Unlike aluminum and steel, copper does not rust and will last as long as a house.

How to choose rain gutters steel gutter

Stainless steel is another high-end material for rain ducts, although it is relatively rarely used. Like copper, it doesn’t rust and will last practically forever. The high price is one of the reasons why stainless steel gutters are still a rarity.


How to choose rain gutters – vinyl and wood ducts

white vinyl rain gutters house exterior ideas

Hopefully, we gave an answer to the question how to choose rain gutters. Below is a quick review of non metal duct-work materials.

How to choose rain gutters wood gutter pros cons

Wood is used for ages in house construction. It is a natural material and nowadays is hardly used as it requires a special maintenance. The most popular wood species are redwood, red cedar, as well as Douglas fir as those have a natural resistance to decay. Wood ducts are quite expensive, and in addition, they are heavyweight as well. They require treatment with oil every year to preserve the water resistance of wood.

How to choose rain gutters vinyl gutters DIY gutters

Vinyl pipes may last a lifetime. Vinyl doesn’t rust or rot and does not require a finish or maintenance painting. The problem with vinyl is that after several years it may crack due to climate changes. Vinyl gutters are susceptible to ultra-violet rays and may lose their initial color.

Cast iron rain gutters

How to choose rain gutters cast iron gutter

Wooden rain duct

How to choose rain gutters wooden gutter

How to choose rain gutters pvc rain gutter

How to choose copper

modern house exterior ideas

elegant copper design ideas

custom copper ouse exterior decoration

copper elegant design

awesome copper design house exterior


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