20 Magical Fall Decoration Ideas for Exterior Window Sill 2023

by Kristiyana

In need of decoration ideas for exterior window sill? We are here to give you inspiration to adorn your exterior with beautiful, flamboyant, and enchanting colors for every occasion! Here are our favorites!

fall window decoration 2023

Decoration Ideas for Exterior Window Sill 2023

Fall slowly caresses us with its fresh air and decorates the landscape with its burning colors skillfully painted on the leaves that have fallen to the ground. However, once the crowns of the trees become bare and dull and your house looks bleak on the outside, it’s always a good idea to give it a little color! To do this, the Deavita.net exterior design team has some decoration ideas for exterior window sill! Let’s take a look!

decoration fall pumpkins exterior windows


Pumpkins are a staple of fall, so it’s a no-brainer that they’ll make a great fall decoration for your outdoor space! Combine them with orange and yellow flowers, and you will have an inexpensive and absolutely stunning fall outdoor windowsill decoration!

fall decorations for exterior windows 2023

Yes, throwing a few pumpkins on the windowsill is great, but why not create a cozy autumnal corner in front of the window? Chairs, a rug, a few decorative cushions, and a bucket with flowers and pumpkins can make your exterior heavenly without the slightest effort!

decoration for exterior window sill plants

Or, if you want something more subtle, but just as cute, you can always put flowers in pots! Be sure to use sturdy plants that can stand the test of the weather!

Fall Decoration Ideas for Exterior Window Sill

fall decoration ideas for exterior window sill 2023 trends

Flowers, branches and pumpkins all in one place. What a beautiful, effortless fall decoration! This is the perfect set for rustic outdoor decor.

fall decoration ideas for exterior window sill

What do you think of another outdoor cocooning corner idea? A wooden swing topped with a cozy blanket sounds nice, right? A garland of leaves on top will make it look absolutely magical, right?

decoration for exterior window sill

What do you think of this flowerpot with pumpkins? This beautiful arrangement can be made with decorative pumpkins if you don’t want to leave real pumpkins outside.

decorating ideas for window sill exterior fall

Pine cones also make a beautiful fall decoration for outdoors and indoors! The red flowers and decorative gold pumpkins are beautiful and perfectly embody the fall spirit.

Halloween Window Sill Decoration for 2023

window sill decoration halloween 2023

Halloween is less than 2 weeks away, but who’s counting? A carved Jack-O-Lantern is the simplest, yet most effective decoration for the exterior of your window!

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halloween window decor 2023

Decorating the windowsill is not enough if you want to welcome the spirit of Halloween into your home! A good idea is to decorate the windows themselves and around them.

window sill decoration idea 2023

Right under your windows, you can place crates containing pumpkins topped with masks and hats. Add straw for a more rustic look and let your imagination run wild!

diy exterior window sill halloween idea

Arrange decorative lanterns and pumpkins at a small table right under the windows. Next, why not display black paper cutouts on the window to create a Halloween atmosphere at night when the lights shine through the window?

Exterior Window Sill Decoration Idea for Christmas

christmas outdoor window sill decor

When you think about it, Christmas is only two months away… Two months!!! So it doesn’t hurt to have some ideas in advance, right? Beautiful natural garlands with pine cones and dried red fruits are a Christmas classic and look absolutely lovely!

what to put on an outdoor window sill

Red is also a Christmas classic, so it’s totally appropriate to decorate with it. Bring some warmth from the inside out with this exceptional idea.

exterior window sill decoration idea christmas

Christmas wreaths are always a great way to make a home welcoming and warm! You can make them yourself without spending a dime thanks to a few nifty tutorials.

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how to decorate a window sill for christmas

Go big or go home! We want nothing less than a maximalist Christmas decoration for the windows!

Some Decoration Ideas for Interior Window Sills

window sill decoration interior fall

The inside is just as important as the outside, if not more! As you will spend more time indoors during the fall and winter, you need to make your home cozy!

decoration window sill interior fall idea

Small and large pumpkins, vases with dried flowers and rustic decorations are a must!

window sill decor interior fall winter christmas

Cocooning lights in empty glass bottles? Yes please! We love the look and it’s so easy to adopt!

trendy decoration ideas for window sill halloween 2023 interior

Let’s be honest, pumpkins are the best fall decoration for a windowsill. Add candles and leaves, and you will have a heavenly ambiance!

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