How to make a DIY Christmas wreath? Easy step-by-step tutorial with great results!

by Kristiyana

One more month to Christmas, the best time of the year! Oh, I just can’t wait to start decorating my home, can you? With ornaments from my childhood, like the little glass reindeer or the singing Santa Claus that my parents gave me for my 6th Christmas. All filled with such lovely memories! And we can’t have a Christmas without the grand pine tree, but there is one more item that is absolutely essential for every home. Why the Christmas wreath, of course! A wreath is a delightful festive decoration to hang upon your door to bring cheer to your family and neighbours. And the best wreaths are always homemade, because we put our hearts in souls into creating something unique and beautiful! Do you want an easy step-by-step tutorial on a DIY Christmas wreath? Well, hang on tight and let’s get to crafting!

DIY Christmas wreath step-by-step tutorial

DIY christmas wreath_diy christmas decorations

When preparing to create the perfect Christmas wreath for your front door, you first need to have a clear idea on what kind of design you are going for. This is important because you need to be ready with the supplies you will need for making your wreath. Do you want a design that is more simple, or extravagant? Chic or traditional? Be sure to add your personal touch to the wreath! I advise you to use traditional spruce as the base for your creation. Anything else you want to include you can get from the local garden, flower shop, craft store or even your own home. We will be focusing on using natural materials!

Supplies you will require:

  • brass ring
  • florists’ wire
  • hardy scissors
  • foliage
  • flowers
  • natural moss
  • small decorations of your choosing—pine cones, ribbons, cinnamon sticks, etc.

Is it cheaper to make your own wreath?

Making your own wreath for Christmas can be a lot cheaper, as store-bough goods are very often overpriced, especially during a big holiday such as this one. Using natural materials that you can easily find outside, and items you have at home, can result in a great homemade Christmas wreath for your front door.

Step 1: Christmas wreath ring preparation

diy wreath_diy decorations


Once you have gathered all your supplies for a DIY Christmas wreath, let’s start with preparing the ring! To begin, take the end of the wire spool and attach it to the metal frame of the ring by going round it, then twist to secure. The wire spool should be left attached to the ring. Take the natural moss and start to press it down around the ring. Secure the moss by wrapping the wire around it. Keep the moss pressed together to form a solid base for the other elements you will add later. Once you have finished adjusting all of the moss, leave the spool of wire attached to the ring.

Step 2: Overlaying the ring with foliage

christmas decorations_how to make a wreath

Now that you have the base for your DIY Christmas wreath, let’s continue by adding all the other greenery and foliage you have picked out. For any flower stems that you want to include, make sure you add them first to the ring by tying them into clusters, like we did with the moss. Cut them at 8-15 cm/ 3-5 inches long. Fill the wreath with the stems. Then add the spruce, and any other foliage you have chosen. Circle with the wire to secure, never cutting it. Repeat this step until the whole moss and stems are covered with greenery. Once it is done, wrap the wire a few times, then cut it and tuck the end into the wreath.

Step 3: Decorate your Christmas wreath!

homemade christmas decorations_homemade wreath

The best part of creating your DIY Christmas decoration is finally here, so let’get to decorating! I hope by now you have decided on what kind of look you are going for with your wreath. I personally enjoy a little mix of natural elements with some glamour to spice things up! My DIY Christmas wreath consists of a few pine cones, dried orange slices, gold glitter, small red ribbons on each side and a big gold one on top. If my phone had a better camera, I would have taken a picture to show you, but I have been dying to get a new one. Hopefully, one might await me under the Christmas tree this year, hah!

Did you have fun making your DIY Christmas wreath? I sure hope so! Not only did you participate in a joyful and healthy activity, but you also came to save some money in the process as well! Using natural elements to create something that resembles your personal tastes is always such a delightful experience. And especially when it’s a craft to get you ready for the upcoming holidays! If you by any chance are interested in more DIY Christmas decorations from natural materials, why not give a look at our article about similar projects ? Enjoy!

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